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SpaceTime now available for all H9 models

SpaceTime is now available for all H9 models.


  • Twin Delays with controls for level and feedback

  • Modulation with controls for amount and rate

  • Reverb with controls for decay, level and color

What’s truly new about SpaceTime is that you get to control the way these three custom-built effects interact with each other. In addition, Eventide has created a new interface called Pedal View that gives artists a visual representation of the routing of the effects.

SpaceTime Presets

  • Nice Chorus
  • Space Cathedral
  • Quarter Delay
  • Faux Lesile
  • Verb Repeats Only
  • Small Tight Room
  • Parallel Delays
  • Aphelion
  • Slap in Space
  • IntaStella
  • Off the Ground
  • Shadows
  • Voyage
  • TwilightZoned
  • Sunlight
  • On the Verge
  • EventHorizon
  • Gravitation
  • Extra Terrestrial
  • Outer Limits
  • SpaceTime

SpaceTime also includes standard H9 features like mix, tap tempo, expression pedal support and output level control and is available now as a $20 in-app purchase in H9 Control for H9 standard and H9 Core owners and, as always, free for H9 Max owners.

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Date:  February 01, 2016
Type:  Product
Products:  H9, H9 Control
Tags:  h9, spacetime, modulation, delay, Reverb, algorithm, preset, stompbox, guitar pedal, space time