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Grammy-Winning Engineer Uses Anthology Bundle on New Herbie Hancock Album

 Relies on Anthology for a wide range of Eventide signature effects

Throughout his career and long professional relationship with jazz legend Herbie Hancock, veteran engineer Khaliq Glover has always adopted the latest in audio technology. It comes as no surprise that Glover extensively used the Eventide Anthology plug-ins bundle for the upcoming Hancock album.

Glover, a Grammy® Award winning engineer and producer, has been a longtime Eventide user. He selected the Anthology bundle for its comprehensive packaging of plug-ins based on legendary Eventide algorithms. "I owned one of the first H3000 boxes," said Glover, "so I knew the plug-ins would give me the wide array of effects and options I've come to rely on from Eventide. Even the faceplate was a great translation from the hardware. We were doing a lot of tracks in a short time. So, having a powerful tool I felt comfortable with made the process easy.

With increased options for effects and recording technology, it still comes down to getting a great sound out of your gear. For Glover, the Anthology bundle guaranteed him the classic Eventide sound and diversity recreated for today's studio environment.

"The best part of the Anthology is the diversity of effects," said Glover. "We used Octavox on background vocals to create a plusher soundscape and the Omnipressor to balance some of the instruments. The Factory plug-in was great for recreating those unique, personal sounds I perfected on the H3000, stacking effect on effect. It let me keep my signature sounds in a software setting. I can't wait to spend more time with them and get more familiar with the sonics of them all."

According to Glover, another compelling reason for acquiring the Anthology bundle was the mobility factor. "With the Anthology plug-ins, I would simply show up at Herbie's studio, access my iLok account, and then be up and running with my setup. We started on my HD rig and Herbie liked them enough that he picked up Anthology, too."

Hancock's new album, due out in the early fall, is a collaborative work for the seasoned musician with many of today's most respected artists, including John Mayer, Christina Aguilera, Santana, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Raul Midon, Joss Stone, Trey Anastasio, Brian Eno, Annie Lennox and others. The album will be distributed through the Starbucks and Hear Music program, proven successful with last year's release of Ray Charles' Genius Loves Company album.

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Date:  July 05, 2005
Type:  Artist Profiles