Rose Delay Pedal - Eventide Audio Bit-Bucket Brigade Effects

A Modulated Delay Like No Other

From reverse delays, slapback, chorus, and everything in between, Rose is capable of producing a wide range of sounds. The perfect hybrid of analog and digital, the pedal features five different modulation sources, delay multiplier, phase invert/reverse, 25 customizable presets, true analog dry path, MIDI, and AUX/Expression via TRS for ultimate versatility, on stage or in the studio.


  • Analog dry path with analog Mix, Filter, and Feedback
  • Comes with 25 factory presets (5 banks with 5 presets each)
  • Standard delay times from 10 sec to 10 μsec
  • Modulation sweep from 1/2 to 2x the standard delay time, simultaneously modulating pitch across a full octave +/-
  • Selectable modulation source: Sine / Square / Random / Envelope / External (CV)
  • Tap Division selection (quarter, eighth, dotted eighth, triplet)
  • MIDI Tap Tempo & Clock Receive
  • Reverse delay function for backwards delays
  • Invert function flips the phase of the delayed signal
  • Delay Multiply (2X, 3X, 4X, 5X) for delays up to 50 sec
  • Assignable Hotswitch: Tap Tempo / Infinite Repeat / A/B switching / LFO Hold / LFO Reset
  • Input Level Select Switch: Line / Instrument
  • TRS/TS Input for expression pedal, auxiliary Switch and MIDI
  • Selectable Bypass: Relay / Buffered / Input Kill
  • USB for use with Eventide Device Manager (manage presets, settings, MIDI and more)
  • Software V3 offers MIDI Tap Tempo & Clock Receive, Kill-Dry mode, and “Envelope Off” mode

Explore 25 Customizable Presets

Rose comes with 25 factory presets, divided among 5 banks with 5 presets each. The sound is exquisite and the range of effects wide. Users can customize or create their own with the Device Manager software.

Bank 1

Preset 1: A: Lead Delay / B: Reverse
Preset 2: A: Chorus / B: Leslie
Preset 3: A: Slapback / B: Frenetic Filter
Preset 4: A: Dirty Dub Delay
Preset 5: A: Infinite Pitch Bend

Bank 2

Preset 1: A: Crepitate / B: Rustle
Preset 2: A: GreenThumb / B: OverBloom
Preset 3: A: Essence / B: RoseHips
Preset 4: A: FlyTrap / B: BugEyed
Preset 5: A: FiveMind / B: DroneDance

Bank 3

Preset 1: A: Wilting / B: Waxing
Preset 2: A: Spores / B: Halos
Preset 3: A: ReOscillate / B: RePollinate
Preset 4: A: BlossomTrail / B: AromaTherapy
Preset 5: A: GreenHouse / B: WindowSill

Bank 4

Preset 1: A: JustInVase / B: BouquetDecay
Preset 2: A: Organ-ic / B: Cyanic
Preset 3: A: RosesAreThread / B: VioletsAreThrough
Preset 4: A: Topiaryl / B: Airy
Preset 5: A: PlanterBox / B: FertileStalks

Bank 5

Preset 1: A: SweetHearts / B: ValenTines
Preset 2: A: CitizenCaninae / B: Roseb
Preset 3: A: CutAndDried / B: RowsofRose
Preset 4: A: Hybridl / B: HydRate
Preset 5: A: Rosenate / B: Sonorose


Keep the geeks amongst us happy.

It channels the vibe of a bucket-brigade delay but without the unwanted noise…There’s enough tweakability and external controllability to keep the geeks amongst us happy for hours, but at the same time those who just want a really sweet-sounding delay with some useful modulation options.

Paul White
Sound on Sound

The possibilities are near endless.

The Eventide Rose is a worthy addition to any pedalboard. It is the last modulated delay pedal you will ever need… The possibilities are near endless and this pedal will expand your gig’s musical capabilities to a whole new level.

Michael Pierce & Giulio Chiarenza

You could spend hours playing around.

Amazing in its ease of use, allowing a player that wants usable tones to dial them in immediately. And for the player looking for crazier, more ambient textures and tones (raises hand), the interface allows for so much tweaking you could spend hours just playing around.

Jonathan Moody
Bass Musician

Artists Using Rose

Annie Clark
St. Vincent
Laurie Spiegel
Peter Frampton
Richard Devine
Schematic Records
Roger Steen
The Tubes, The Roger Steen Band
Vernon Reid
Living Colour
Amir John Haddad - El Amir
Hans Zimmer
Ava Mendoza
Curt Henderson
Eric Krasno
Soullive & Lettuce, Stephen Colbert
Hayes Greenfield
America Rebuilds: A Year at Ground Zero
Jordi Martinez Guals

Eventide Device Manager

Unlocking the full potential of your Eventide pedal is easy with EDM. Connect the pedal via the USB port to your computer for direct access to all functionality of the pedal. EDM software allows users to control every parameter in a digital realm: Install software updates, create and manage presets, set up MIDI, and backup/restore the device. Effortlessly make changes by auditioning and experimenting with different sounds directly from the software. 

Eventide Device Manager for Rose and dot9 Pedals



¼ inch mono phone jack


¼ inch mono phone jack

Expression Pedal / Aux Switch / MIDI

¼ inch mono phone jack

Mini USB

Use 2.0 cables only

Input Impedance

600k  Ω

Output Impedance

470k  Ω

Recommended Load Impedance

10k  Ω or greater


9V DC @ 200mA / Center Negative (-), 5.5mm/2.1mm jack (BOSS standard)



5.5″ W x 8″ D x 2.5″ H / 139.7 mm x 203.2 mm x 63.5 mm

2.5 lb / 1.1 kg


All Eventide hardware products come with a one year warranty.

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