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Preset Name Algorithm Use With DLs Authorsort descending Description
Precious Phaser H9, ModFactor 127 jgoldbach
Tremolo TremoloPan H9, ModFactor 173 jgoldbach
I Know What I Am Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 95 joinpobob Echo I use for the solo on Band of Skulls - I Know What I Am. Pretty wet with only one or two... More...
RV-2 HALL Hall H9, Space 86 joshofsorts Modeled after a reverb setting from the Boss RV-2.
DISCO ETERNO 2 Soda Stereo Update Band Delay H9, TimeFactor 7 Lagmusica Update por Leandro Granatelli
DISCO ETERNO Soda Stereo Band Delay H9, TimeFactor 8 Lagmusica Creado por Leandro Ariel Granatelli
Contemplate Harmodulator H9, PitchFactor 118 lordradish
Odd Chamber Music Crystals H9, PitchFactor 165 lordradish
BrtSzBass Harmodulator H9, PitchFactor 124 lordradish
Glimmer Crystals H9, PitchFactor 217 lordradish
Bright Size Harmodulator H9, PitchFactor 124 lordradish
3 Times Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 119 lordradish
AscendingTwinkle Crystals H9, PitchFactor 138 lordradish
Bit O' Sun Harmodulator H9, PitchFactor 113 lordradish
Think Harmodulator H9, PitchFactor 112 lordradish
Pedal Steel H910 H949 H9, PitchFactor 299 lordradish
Mope Undulator H9, ModFactor 111 lordradish
Dark Ice Harmodulator H9, PitchFactor 189 lordradish
ShinyObjects Crystals H9, PitchFactor 158 lordradish
Spacemen 2 TremoloVerb H9, Space 117 Mattxxxx An alternative take on the classic Spacemen 3 overdriven Jen/Vox V809 Repeat Percussion sound.... More...
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