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Preset Name Algorithm Use With DLssort descending Author Description
OPEN UP THE HEAVENS Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 487 metro6audio
ORGANIZER H910 H949 H9, PitchFactor 506 metro6audio
O PRAISE THE NAME SpaceTime H9 509 metro6audio
Oceans Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 541 metro6audio
Beautiful Exchange Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 557 metro6audio
COME AS YOU ARE Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 565 metro6audio
SHIMMERZZZZZZZZ (Timeline Ice) Shimmer H9, Space 746 metro6audio
EDGE Digital Delay H9, TimeFactor 778 metro6audio
OUR GOD IS LOVE Resonator H9 821 metro6audio
SWELL UltraTap H9 862 metro6audio
POG H910 H949 H9, PitchFactor 1,557 metro6audio
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