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Preset Name Algorithm Use With DLs Author Description
TRANCE OCTAVES II Harmodulator H9 Max, PitchFactor 144 poppy-en-momo Spacy pitch reverb
M1LDL1FE - Distraction FX Quadravox H9 Max, PitchFactor 91 PaddyOng Arpeggio effect used in the song "Distraction" by indie band M1LDL1FE. Key - E Maj
DRUNK CHOPS RingMod H9 Max, ModFactor 87 mattpeterfry This is the blippy, choppy, preset to go with the DRUNK GUITAR random modulation preset!
FRIEDMAN BE-OD CrushStation H9 Max 81 scottt709 Before I sold off my Friedman BE-OD pedal I tried to make a preset as close as possible. I thought... More...
DRUNK GUITAR Vibrato H9 Max, ModFactor 74 mattpeterfry This is random modulation effect... i wanted it to sound like the Hungry Robot Wardenclyffe or the... More...
Digital 4+.8 Digital Delay H9 Max, TimeFactor 48 Superkike Worship delay ritmos lentos
TROMBONE Q-Wah H9 Max, ModFactor 30 John Baylies classic wah preset for trombone or tuba
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