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Preset Name Algorithm Use With DLs Author Description
TRANCE OCTAVES II Harmodulator H9 Max, PitchFactor 228 poppy-en-momo Spacy pitch reverb
FRIEDMAN BE-OD CrushStation H9 Max 179 scottt709 Before I sold off my Friedman BE-OD pedal I tried to make a preset as close as possible. I thought... More...
M1LDL1FE - Distraction FX Quadravox H9 Max, PitchFactor 138 PaddyOng Arpeggio effect used in the song "Distraction" by indie band M1LDL1FE. Key - E Maj
DRUNK CHOPS RingMod H9 Max, ModFactor 126 mattpeterfry This is the blippy, choppy, preset to go with the DRUNK GUITAR random modulation preset!
DRUNK GUITAR Vibrato H9 Max, ModFactor 110 mattpeterfry This is random modulation effect... i wanted it to sound like the Hungry Robot Wardenclyffe or the... More...
TROMBONE Q-Wah H9 Max, ModFactor 106 John Baylies classic wah preset for trombone or tuba
Digital 4+.8 Digital Delay H9 Max, TimeFactor 103 Superkike Worship delay ritmos lentos
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