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Preset Name Algorithm Use With DLs Author Description
Shimmer Shimmer H9 Max, Space 811 nsanchez
OUR GOD (TOMLIN) Vintage Delay H9 Max, TimeFactor 810 metro6audio
Resonator Resonator H9 Max 809 nsanchez
Sail Wah Q-Wah H9 Max, ModFactor 805 nsanchez
Pos 2 Enhancer EQ Compressor H9 Max 804 badmelonfarmer
SNORTING WHISKEY Chorus H9 Max, ModFactor 799 Leon Todd Pat Travers style liquid chorus
ALWAYS WET Hall H9 Max, Space 796 metro6audio
CORNERSTONE Hall H9 Max, Space 790 metro6audio
Precious Phaser H9 Max, ModFactor 786 nsanchez
EVER BE Digital Delay H9 Max, TimeFactor 777 metro6audio
ALL THE POOR & POWERLESS ModEchoVerb H9 Max, Space 774 metro6audio
ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH Tape Echo H9 Max, TimeFactor 774 metro6audio
Stu G Ambient Delay Vintage Delay H9 Max, TimeFactor 773 stugarrard
Shimmer LITE Shimmer H9 Max, Space 770 metro6audio
Dark Ice Harmodulator H9 Max, PitchFactor 768 lordradish
AMGIRL MicroPitch H9 Max, PitchFactor 765 nsanchez
Sprung Tremolo Spring H9 Max, Space 765 nsanchez
COME TOGETHER Diatonic H9 Max, PitchFactor 763 Nol The leading part solo
BE STILL Reverse TimeFactor 761 metro6audio
CRYSTALS Crystals H9 Max, PitchFactor 754 nsanchez
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