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Preset Name Algorithm Use With DLs Author Description
DYNAVERB DynaVerb H9 Max, Space 722 nsanchez
Diatonic Diatonic H9 Max, PitchFactor 720 nsanchez
Ring Thing RingMod H9 Max, ModFactor 719 nsanchez
GLORIOUS RUIN ModEchoVerb H9 Max, Space 717 metro6audio
Undulating Undulator H9 Max, ModFactor 714 nsanchez
Gold MicroPitch H9 Max, PitchFactor 710 nsanchez
Digital Delay Digital Delay H9 Max, TimeFactor 709 nsanchez
O HOLY NIGHT ModEchoVerb H9 Max, Space 708 metro6audio
Odd Chamber Music Crystals H9 Max, PitchFactor 708 lordradish
ALWAYS Digital Delay H9 Max, TimeFactor 707 metro6audio
ModEchoVerb ModEchoVerb H9 Max, Space 704 nsanchez
Anti-GravityLoop Blackhole H9 Max, Space 702 brock "Wipe" the infinite looping by sweeping the midpoint of the expression pedal travel... More...
SHIMMERZZZZZZZZ Shimmer H9 Max, Space 699 metro6audio
O THE BLOOD Digital Delay H9 Max, TimeFactor 697 metro6audio
WHO WE ARE Hall H9 Max, Space 697 metro6audio
Christ Is Enough Mod Delay H9 Max, TimeFactor 696 metro6audio
DISCO ETERNO 2 Soda Stereo Update Band Delay H9 Max, TimeFactor 696 Lagmusica Update por Leandro Granatelli
Mod Filter ModFilter H9 Max, ModFactor 695 nsanchez
MY HEART IS YOURS Tape Echo H9 Max, TimeFactor 695 metro6audio
1Rain Dance Q-Wah H9 Max, ModFactor 692 nsanchez
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