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Quadravox is similar to Diatonic but delivers up to four pitch shifted voices (A, B, C, D) instead of two. You can select the interval of each voice independently. You can also turn OFF any of the voices.

Note: It’s possible to select OFF for all four voices. If you do, and the Mix knob is set 100% Wet, there will be no output signal.


H9 Control View - Click (+) for more info

Quadravox Algorithm Controls
Mix [MIX]
wet/dry mixer, 100% is all wet signal.
Pitch A and C/Pitch B and D Mix [PICHMX]
Controls the ratio of level Pitch A+C to Pitch B+D. With the knob set full counter-clockwise, PitchA + PitchC are set to equal level. Full clock-wise, sets Pitch B + Pitch D to equal levels. The ratio of level of Pitch A to Pitch C and of Pitch B to Pitch D are fixed at equal levels and cannot be changed.
Pitch Shift A [PICH-A]
Selects the harmonic interval (pitch shift) for Pitch A. Set to minimum to turn OFF voice A.
Pitch Shift B [PICH-B]
Selects the harmonic interval (pitch shift) for Pitch B. Set to minimum to turn OFF voice B.
Delay D [DLY-D]
QUADRAVOX’s delay controls work differently from those in the other effects. Quadravox’s four delays are not independently variable. Instead, they are staggered with A having the shortest delay, B longer than A, C longer than B and D the longest. The Delay D control is used to set the last delay. With Tempo OFF, delay is displayed in mSec. With Tempo ON, delay can be sync’d to the tempo and is displayed as a rhythmic sub-division of the tempo beat value.
Delay Grouping [DLYGRP]
Select the grouping of the four delays (A, B, C, D). The delays can be evenly spaced or spread out.
Key [KEY]
Selects the key.
Scale [SCALE]
Selects the scale. The supported scales are: [MAJ]-Major, [min]-Minor, [DOR]-Dorian, [PHRG]-Phrygian, [LYD]-Lydian, [MLYD]-Mixolydian, [LOC]-Locrian, [Hmin]-Harmonic Minor, [Mmin]- Melodic Minor, [Wton]-Whole Tone, [ENIG]-Enigmatic, [NPLT]-Neapolitan, [HUNG]-Hungarian.
Pitch Shift C [PICH-C]
Selects the harmonic interval (pitch shift) for Pitch C. Set to minimum to turn OFF voice C.
Pitch Shift D [PICH-D]
Selects the harmonic interval (pitch shift) for Pitch D. Set to minimum to turn OFF voice D.
Output Level
At 0 the output level is unaffected. Increase the output level of the effect by up to 20 dB or lower by 30 dB.
Tempo is turned ON/OFF on the H9 by simultaneously pressing the Right Footswitch and the PRESETS button. With Tempo OFF, tapping can be used to adjust delay parameter values (displayed as milliseconds or Hz). With Tempo ON, tempo is in BPM.
Turn effect on or off..
Press and hold the Learn switch while playing a note and the H9 will set the key to that note..
If Tempo is ON, the display indicates the current tempo in BPM (30 to 500 BPM) while tapping and the Tap LED will blink at the BPM rate. If Tempo is OFF, the display indicates the parameter value (milliseconds for most algorithms).