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Synthonizer™ tracks the pitch of the note that you’re playing and generates a synthesized tone at the same pitch. Voice A is an additive synthesizer useful for creating organ or Theremin-style sounds; Voice B is a subtractive synthesizer for creating classic analog-style synth sounds. Note: Tempo cannot be used with this effect.

Note: Synthonizer is Mono In only. Use Input 1. Input 2 is disabled.


H9 Control View - Click (+) for more info

Synthonizer Algorithm Controls
Mix [MIX]
wet/dry mixer, 100% is all wet signal.
Voice A/Voice B Mix [VOX-MX]
Controls the ratio of the two synthesized voices A and B.
Waveform Mix [WVE-MX]
Controls the mix of the various added waveforms to control the tone and perceived pitch of voice A.
Octave Blend [OCTVES]
Controls the blend between unison, 1 octave down, and 1 octave up synth voices to control the tone and perceived pitch of voice B.
Attack Time Voice A [ATTK-A]
Controls the attack time for synthesized Voice A.
Attack Time Voice B [ATTK-B]
Controls the attack time for the filter on synthesized voice B.
Reverb Level [VRBLVL]
Sets the reverb level.
Reverb Decay Time [VRBDCY]
Sets the reverb decay time.
Waveshape Voice A [SHAPE]
Selects voice A waveshape – sine [SINE], triangle [TRIANG]) or sawtooth (SAW).
Filter Sweep Voice B [SWEEP]
Controls the sweepable filter on voice B. Values from 0-50 sweep a low-pass filter, values greater than 50 sweep a high pass filter.
Output Level
At 0 the output level is unaffected. Increase the output level of the effect by up to 20 dB or lower by 30 dB.
Tempo is turned ON/OFF on the H9 by simultaneously pressing the Right Footswitch and the PRESETS button. With Tempo OFF, tapping can be used to adjust delay parameter values (displayed as milliseconds or Hz). With Tempo ON, tempo is in BPM.
Turn effect on or off..
Shifts both voices up one octave..
If Tempo is ON, the display indicates the current tempo in BPM (30 to 500 BPM) while tapping and the Tap LED will blink at the BPM rate. If Tempo is OFF, the display indicates the parameter value (milliseconds for most algorithms).