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Discontinued Products

Collection of our first 9 TDM plug-ins
Complete collection of plug-ins for Protools TDM
The original pitch shifting studio processor
Comprised of Halls, Plates, Rooms, Chamber and Ambiance
Recreation of the original studio Harmonizer®
Assorted plug-ins realeased for Pro Tools HD/TDM systems
Tempo-based filtered delays with pan and volume control
The legendary signal processors TDM plug-in bundle
Modulated multitap delays and reverb signal processor
The legendary reverb from Eventide's SP2016
Digital effects processors with pitch-shifting capability
The original studio workhorse that continues to amaze
Stereo Harmonizer® with 4x the power of DSP4000
Orville is a classic 24-bit Harmonizer® with UltraShifter™
Broadcast obscenity delay with 20 seconds of stereo audio delay
Remote controller for the H8000, H7600 and Orville
Powerful audio effects processor optimized for broadcast