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Dynamics Processor with Attitude!

Introduced in 1971, the Omnipressor rack unit was widely used on hit records throughout the last four decades. One of our first customers was a young Brian May, lead guitarist of Queen. With the Omnipressor in his rig, his sound was never the same again.

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Eventide Omnipressor Plug-in Features:

  • Dynamics processing for creating otherwordly sounds
  • Gating, expansion, compression, limiting, and Dynamic Reversal
  • Intuitive interface makes it simple to operate with the use of a Function dial
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Omnipressor Videos
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Omnipressor Videos

    Omnipressor and 2016 Stereo Room Demo
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Omnipressor News

October 18, 2013
Eventide announces 2016 Stereo Room and Omnipressor for AAX64, AU, and VST Native NEW YORK, NEW YORK, October 18, 2013 — Today, Eventide announced the immediate availability of the 2016 Stereo Room and Omnipressor® 64-bit plug-ins for AAX2, AU, and VST (Mac and PC) Native.  The new plug-ins are compatible with Pro Tools 11 and no longer require a physical iLok dongle...
April 11, 2013
Join Eventide April 16-19th, Las Vegas, Nevada, LVCC booth C1720 in the Central hall of the 2012 NAB show. We will be demonstrating Eventide's BD600E flagship broadcast delay integrating with the Wheatstone WheatNet IP Network for control and high-quality, low-latency audio streaming and remote control via TCP/IP....
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Software Requirements

Win 7+, OS X 10.7+

DAW Compatibility

Software Plug-In Format
Pro Tools 10 + AAX Native
Cubase 5, 6, 7, 8 VST
Logic (32 bit/ 64 bit) AU
Ableton Live 8 AU, VST
Peak AU
Nuendo VST
Wavelab VST
Sound Forge VST
Acid VST
Vegas VST
Studio One (32 bit) AU, VST
Digital Performer AU
Reaper VST
GarageBand AU
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Frequently Asked Questions


Eventide's native plug-ins do not require the use of an iLok USB dongle, however they do use PACE's iLok License Manger for authorization which is available from

Using iLok License Manger, you can activate the license in two separate locations, each of which can be either a computer, or an iLok license key. You can move these licenses at any time using PACE's iLok License Manager software.

In order to authorize your plug-in you need to install the iLok License Manager from and move the license to either your computer or iLok license dongle. Even if you have a licensed iLok plugged in, the iLok License Manager must be installed.

There are several reasons you may see this error, but a common one is a mismatch of the serial number format. All Eventide plug-ins have a serial number in the form of XX-###### where XX represents a two letter sequence defining the product type and ###### is a 6 digit number. All plug-ins also have a 16 digit license key in the format ****-****-****-**** where each * can be either a letter or number. The license key is entered on the second page of the registration process.

If you believe your serial number and license key are entered correctly, please contact our Support department and we will solve the problem as quickly as possible.


All Eventide native plug-ins are 64 bit compatible with AAX, AU, and VST.

We currently test in house against ProTools 10, ProTools 11, Ableton Live 8, Ableton Live 9, Apple Logic 9, Apple Logic X, and Steinberg Cubase 7. However, in the rare event that users encounter problems with other DAWs we make efforts to investigate. If you experience such problems please inform us in our Forum.

Our native plug-ins including H3000 Factory Native, Blackhole, Omnipressor, and 2016 Stereo Room native plug-ins support AAX32, AAX64, AU, and VST on Mac, and AAX32, AAX64, and VST on Windows.


First you need to create an account at and download their iLok License Manager software. Install it on your computer. Second, register your plug-in on, which will automatically send a license to your iLok account. Make sure to install the plug-in into your computer. Intallation files are located on individual product pages and on the Downloads page.

Alternatively, for products that allow computer authorization, after you've installed iLok License Manger and registered the plug-in, you can launch your DAW. Once the DAW scans the installed plug-in it will present a dialog box to install the license on your computer or iLok.