EQ 65

Eventide’s EQ65 is a faithful recreation of the utilitarian studio tool, the Urei 565 Filter Set. This two-band notch/band pass filter set allows you to quickly find a selected frequency and perform a boost or cut of the signal. It’s a precision tool that allows you to surgically de-emphasize or completely eliminate selected frequencies in an audio recording.

Frequency MacGyver

With its precision frequency selectivity and high Q, the EQ65’s notch filter is effective at eliminating undesirable signals such as hums and whistles. The notch/peak filters can be tuned to subtly shape the tonality of a voice or single instrument with rich harmonic content. Or use the precise frequency control and flexibility to simulate distorted phone lines, radio voices and other special effects.

  • EQ 65 Plug-in screen shot


  • Analog circuit model of the Urei 565 filter set.
  • Extreme 36 dB/octave High Pass and Low Pass filters
  • Two additional filters configurable as Band Pass or Notch.
  • Perfect “problem solver” plugin. Use the Band Pass configuration to identify unwanted frequencies or resonances and then switch to Notch to remove them.
  • Designated frequencies can be attenuated in gradations by using the notch filters in conjunction with the depth controls. 
  • Powerful, Hi Q Notch filter with sufficient rejection to entirely filter out single sine waves.  
  • Great for video post-production to filter out hum and noises.
  • Perform radical phase sweeps with extreme tonal shifts.
  • Several instrument and special effect presets to help with the most popular tasks.


Currently the EQ65 plug-in is only available to those who own Anthology XI or who are Ensemble susbscribers.



Platform Compatibility

Microsoft Windows 7+ and Apple OS X 10.7+

DAW Compatibility

Software Plug-In Format
Pro Tools 10 + AAX Native
Cubase 7+ VST2
Nuendo VST2
Wavelab VST2
Logic 8+ AU
Ableton Live 7+ AU, VST2
Studio One AU, VST2
Digital Performer AU
Reaper VST2
GarageBand AU
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