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Eventide Audient UltraChannel UltraReverb Promo Bundle

Eventide Audient Promotion

Beginning July 5, 2017, when you purchase any Audient product you are eligible to receive both UltraChannel and UltraReverb (a $450 value) for free. Whether you're sculpting a sound or doing a full scale mix, UltraChannel and UltraReverb will provide you with all the tools you need to take your recordings to the next level. Promo ends June 30, 2018.

UltraChannel Channel Strip Plugin for AAX VST AU Audient Promo


High-precision channel strip that includes micro pitch, EQ, delay, and compression for an incredibly versatile plug-in. Features FlexiPath™ routing, which allows reconfiguration of the signal path, and over 300 presets, including some created Richard Devine, Chris Carter, Brian Montgomery, Sasha and ROCAsound.

UltraReverb the most flexible reverb plugin for aax, vst and au audient promo


Features nine high end hardware-based reverb algorithms bundled in a single native plug-in. UltraReverb comes packed with over 300 killer presets and features reverbs from the H8000, compression, EQ and delay integrated for the most flexible reverb plug-in available. 


Serial number and license key can be obtained by registering your qualifying product via the Audient website. For more information visit:

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