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Blackhole Pricing Overview

Here is a list of the purchase options available. Enter your iLok account and click Next to see what pricing you qualify for based on past purchases.

An iLok account and an Eventide account are required for purchase.

Option Discount Price Price
Blackhole Crossgrade from Anthology X
Anthology X owners get a discount on Blackhole. You keep your Anthology X license but still get a reduced price for Blackhole.
$99.00 $99.00
Blackhole $199.00 $199.00
Eventide's native plug-ins do not require the use of an iLok USB dongle. However, they do use Pace's iLok License Manager application for authorization which is available from:

Please Note

  • All software sales are final.
  • Third-party plug-ins such as Elevate and EQuivocate are not eligible toward Anthology XI upgrades.