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Anthology X Installer (Win 32-bit)

Release Notes


  • Fix an issue in H910 Single/Dual, H949 Single/Dual, Instant Flanger Mk II, Instant Phaser Mk II, and Omnipressor where Touch, Latch, and Write automation didn't work correctly for some controls
  • Fix an issue in H949 Dual where delays with high feedback would pull to the right channel


  • Updated H949 Single and Dual with new UI
  • Added artist presets for H949 Single and Dual
  • Reorganized presets for Omnipressor, H910 Single and Dual
  • Updated User Guides for H910, H949, Instant Flanger Mk II, Instant Phaser Mk II
  • Fixed a bug in all plugins where all UIs could become blank after a period of inactivity
  • Fixed bug in Instant Flanger Mk II and Instant Phaser Mk II where MODE would reload incorrectly in VST3


  • Fix a bug in Octavox and Quadravox (VST3 format), where 'Live Mode' would recall incorrectly in the UI when reopening a session
  • Fix an occasional Logic Pro validation failure for H3000 Factory


  • Fix an issue where Octavox and Quadravox would return an incorrect value for number of presets


  • Fix an occasional crash in all VST3 plugins when changing the plugin channel configuration


  • Fix a bug in Octavox and Quadravox where Live Mode wouldn't reload correctly


  • Minor performance improvements and bug fixes


  • Added VST3 support
  • Fix a bug where dynamics plugins were not showing gate/expansion meters in Pro Tools channel metering
  • Fix an occasional bug in all plugins where the preset menu would load the wrong preset, after a preset was saved
  • Fix a bug in H3000 Band Delays where the Meter In/Out button wouldn't follow changes from an external control source
  • Add Precision Time Delay to installer menu
  • Split installer into separate 32-bit and 64-bit installers


  • Fix a potential memory leak in AAX versions of Octavox, Quadravox, UltraReverb, H3000 Factory
  • Updated UltraReverb, Octavox, and Quadravox with retina graphics
  • Added tail clearing on playback start/stop and plugin bypass/unbypass for delay and reverb plugins (where applicable, subject to host and plugin format support)
  • Fix occasional installation issue with VC++ distribution


  • Updated plugins with more robust fix for Cubase blacklisting issue. Users will need to download the latest iLok License Manager to take advantage of this fix.


  • Fixes an issue where plugins would be blacklisted or not load in some DAWs on Windows


  • Updated Omnipressor UI with refreshed, retina-quality graphics
  • Added Input Level, Mix, and Output Level parameters to Omnipressor


  • Added detailed description of each plugin to installer
  • Added notarization support and removed 32-bit builds from macOS installer
  • Added correct signing to Windows installer
  • Added "Copy Support Information to Clipboard" feature to all plugins. This can be accessed by right-clicking the "Eventide" logo in each plugin
  • Fix a cosmetic issue in H949 with the Control Mode LEDs
  • Fix a MIDI-mode dropdown display bug in Octavox
  • Added Mixlock to H3000 Factory
  • Added tempo, session tempo, and meter to automation menu in H3000 Factory
  • Fix a bug where gain reduction meters were not showing in Pro Tools, in EChannel, Omnipressor, and UltraChannel
  • Fix a bug where the plugin label styling would occasionally be incorrect in H910, Instant Flanger Mk II, and Instant Phaser Mk II
  • Fix an occasional crash when removing the following plugins from a session: H910, Instant Flanger Mk II, and Instant Phaser Mk II


  • Fixes a bug in H3000 Factory where the Pitch 2 Delay Amount would reload incorrectly, if it was mapped to a modulation source


  • Fixes a bug in H3000 Factory where quickly moving the delay time of the delay blocks would cause clicking


  • Added new Instant Flanger Mk II plugin, and removed old FL201 Instant Flanger plugin. Downloads of the old FL201 Instant Flanger plugin will be available under "Discontinued Products"
  • Add full retina-quality graphics for H910
  • Move macro controls in the H910 Dual to the bottom expansion bar
  • Add text entry support for all parameter values in H910 and Instant Phaser Mk II
  • Add “Always Show Values” option to H910, for always displaying parameter values


  • Fix issue where installer would exit with a failure on 32-bit Windows operating systems.
  • On Windows, installers now remember the VST2 paths, if previously installed.


  • Fix a bug in H3000 Factory where snapshots could not be automated in Pro Tools
  • Updated installer to automatically place plugins in the correct filesystem location, without prompting (where applicable).
  • Added new Instant Phaser Mk II plugin, and removed old Instant Phaser plugin. Downloads of the old Instant Phaser plugin will be available under "Discontinued products"


  • Fixes issue on Octavox and Quadravox mono/stereo instances where panning of individual voices doesn't work