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Audient Promo for Windows

Release Notes


  • Fix an issue where plug-ins would occasionally reload incorrectly in Pro Tools 11.1 and higher


  • Fix bug where VST2 sidechain was not appearing in all DAWs
  • Fix bug where plugins with snapshot capability would not always reload correctly in Pro Tools


  • Fix an issue where running certain buffer sizes, specifically those that were not sized to a power of two, would cause clicking and/or crashes


  • Fixes for several Pro Tools quick commands not working
  • Fixes issue where delay compensation would change when bypassing plugin in Pro Tools
  • Internal processing improvements
  • Added side chain capability in VST2
  • Fix issue where 0.16dB of gain was going through the UltraChannel and EChannel Compressor sections
  • Fix issue where engaging “Freeze” in Blackhole would cause squealing feedback after long periods of time


  • Fix an issue where plug-ins could not be loaded in GarageBand on High Sierra
  • Fix a few typos in User Guides


  • Fixed an issue where presets wouldn’t display in proper order on macOS High Sierra
  • Updated installer with retina-quality graphics and general UI improvements


  • Ultrap: Fixed issue where UltraTap could potentially crash at higher sample rates
  • UltraTap: Updated maximum Length from 4 seconds to 10 seconds. Users should be aware that this could slightly alter automation of the Length parameter, when in Tempo Sync OFF mode.
  • UltraTap: Added MIDI support for Active and Hotswitch, and changed Tap to respond to MIDI CC instead of MIDI Note On/Off messages.


  • Created installers for Audient