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Eclipse Bootloader (Mac)

Software updates are available to all registered users. For a list of changes, please see the release notes. If you are upgrading from version 2.0 or earlier and experience keyboard freezes while upgrading, you may need to upgrade the bootloader.

Eclipse Bootloader Readme


Don't update the bootloader on any machines unless the "1" and "2" keys aren't working during powerup, or if you don't get any of the described symptoms. If the symptoms are different, there is probably a different cause. Updating the bootloader entails some risk: If the process is interrupted, the bootloader in the Flash ROM will be lost, and the Eclipse will need to be returned to the factory for reprogramming.


The bootloader bug shows up as one of these symptoms: 

  • When updating using our OUPDATE (download) utility and powering up the Eclipse pressing & holding the 2 key, you can't access the operating system update window.
  • When updating with the Compact Flash card, and powering up the Eclipse pressing & holding the 1 key, you can't load the new OS from the plugged-in card. 
  • You were able to upgrade but when powered up the unit froze, showing confused characters on the display.

Confirm Bootloader Version

If you have one of the above symptoms, confirm the bootloader version. Power on the unit while pressing and holding the 3 key. You will able to read BOOT: P xxxxx Vx.xx (these last 3 digits show you the version), presumably 1.10. (If you are experiencing symptom #3, you must first re-load the previous operating system, then proceed to the bootloader upgrade as described below.) erform the Bootloader Update

You will need: 

  • A compact flash card reader, USB connected device
  • A Windows PC or a Macintosh
  • A Compact Flash Card that has proved to work with the Eclipse. You may want to reformat it in Eclipse, so that nothing is stored to it. This download file from the Eclipse Support Page

The instructions are the same for both a Windows PC or a Macintosh computer: 

  1. Unzip (or Unstuff - for Mac folks) the contents of the file and copy the files to the compact flash card. The following four files should be copied to the card. Do not insert them in any folder:
  2. Turn the Eclipse OFF, Insert the card on the Eclipse and cycle the power ON.
  3. Wait for the PROGRAMMING COMPLETED message to appear. DO NOT interrupt the programming process or the Eclipse ROM will be corrupted and need to be sent to the factory for reprogramming. The programming will take about 20 seconds.
  4. Confirm the new boot loader installation (V1.210) by powering up while holding down the 3 key as described above.
  5. Delete the files from the card (using the PC/MAC), or reformat the card on the Eclipse (SYSTEM/SERVICE/FORMAT). 

Now proceed to the OS upgrade process, using OUPDATE and a Serial cable or by creating an upgrade card.