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EQuivocate Installer for Windows

Release Notes:


  • Dragging to draw the slider fields now works on Windows in hi resolution mode.


  • Added resizable UI, click and drag the bottom right corner to resize.
  • Animated meters can now be drawn with or without OpenGL.


  • Removed 32-bit Windows builds.
  • Signed Windows installers.


  • Fixed preset location
  • Fixed the INFO button so that it launches the manual again


  • Plug-ins now load and work in Garage Band in Catalina
  • Fixed error message when installing VST3 without VST2 on Mac
  • Fixed potential crash
  • Brought 1.6.2 and 1.6.1 changes into Windows


  • Fixed a problem where plug-ins may get blacklisted on Cubase 10 in Windows


  • Fixed a crash on Windows 7


  • Improved support for HiDPI displays on Windows
  •  Updated Windows installers


  • Allowed users to define customized default settings for EQuivocate.
  • Fixed a potential crash when closing EQuivocate.
  • Fixed an obscure issue with soloing EQuivocate bands when they're


  • Fixed a session loading issue with EQuivocate in Wavelab using VST3
  • Fixed an issue in EQuivocate when using Solo and Band on/off at the same time


  • Fixed hard to replicate crash on some systems, sometimes related to closing the UI too quickly after instantiation, but not always.


  • Fixed and error where EQuivocate would not always properly restore EQ Curve Settings in Pro Tools


  • Fixes a bug in EQuivocate VST3 where if you loaded a session saved with EQuivocate 1.0.7 and saved again using 1.5.0, when you reloaded it the settings wouldn’t properly restore.
  • Fixes a potential crash bug on Windows
  • Re-enables automation parameters in Pro Tools


  • Added Range Parameter which will allow you to scale and invert the EQ curve, even after MATCH EQ is locked in.
  • Added Band Activate/Deactivate switches to allow you to hear the effect of each band in context.
  • Alt click now sets sliders to default in both DRAW CURVE on and off modes.
  • Updated some graphics
  • New UPDATE button will inform user when further updates are available


  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong preset to load when selected from the dropdown menu


  • Fixed Pro Tools crash when UI is opened with automation highlighting on.
  • Fixed OpenGL Drawing when moving UI to second monitor 3. Fixed Preset Ordering in High Sierra


  • Added VST3 Plug-in Categories
  • Fixed excessive OpenGL CPU consumption on some computers
  • Added OpenGL Off mode (OPENGL button) which will fix excessive CPU consumption on some computers
  • Removed memory leak when hitting play


  • Added VST3 Support for sidechaining in Cubase
  • Fixed a rare potential crash on startup