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H3000 Factory for Mac

Release Notes


  • Added notarization support and removed 32-bit builds from macOS installer
  • Added correct signing to Windows installer
  • Added "Copy Support Information to Clipboard" feature. This can be accessed by right-clicking the "Eventide" logo in the plugin
  • Added Mixlock control
  • Added tempo, session tempo, and meter to automation menu in Pro Tools


  • Fixes a bug where the Pitch 2 Delay Amount would reload incorrectly, if it was mapped to a modulation source


  • Fixes a bug in where quickly moving the delay time of the delay blocks would cause clicking


  • Maintenance release.


  • Maintenance release.


  • Updated installer to automatically place plugins in the correct filesystem location, without prompting (where applicable).
  • Fix a bug in H3000 Factory where snapshots could not be automated in Pro Tools


  • Fix an issue where plugin would occasionally crackle/hiss at odd buffer sizes