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H3000 Factory for Mac

Release Notes


  • Updated installer to automatically place plugins in the correct filesystem location, without prompting (where applicable).
  • Fix a bug in H3000 Factory where snapshots could not be automated in Pro Tools


  • Fix an issue where plugin would occasionally crackle/hiss at odd buffer sizes


  • Fix issue where Pro Tools automation quick-command would not work for some plugin parameters
  • Update UI code, so that plugin UI loads faster


  • Fix issue where plugins would not load in GarageBand
  • Fix an issue where plugin installer would trigger a warning about being non-optimized on macOS 10.13


  • Fix an issue where plug-in would occasionally reload incorrectly in Pro Tools 11.1 and higher


  • Fix bug where VST2 sidechain was not appearing in all DAWs
  • Fix bug where plugins with snapshot capability would not always reload correctly in Pro Tools


  • Fix an issue where running certain buffer sizes, specifically those that were not sized to a power of two, would cause clicking and/or crashes


  • Fixes for several Pro Tools quick commands not working
  • Fixes issue where delay compensation would change when bypassing plugin in Pro Tools
  • Internal processing improvements
  • Added side chain capability in VST2


  • Fix an issue where plug-ins could not be loaded in GarageBand on High Sierra
  • Fix a few typos in User Guides


  • Fixed an issue where presets wouldn’t display in proper order on macOS High Sierra
  • Updated installer with retina-quality graphics and general UI improvements


  • Fixed a potential issue where audio processing could be interrupted


  • Internal processing changes and update


  • Fixed a bug where closing the preset dropdown would occasionally cause a crash
  • Improved GUI sluggishness issue on macOS
  • Updated manual formatting


  • Fixes an issue where 32-bit plug-ins were occasionally crashing on some systems -Adds uninstaller capability on Windows


  • Fix for VST GUI sometimes updating very slowly, or becoming unresponsive


  • Various internal improvements and bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where plug-in GUI was occasionally laggy on OSX El Capitan
  • Added an info button for quick access to the plug-in manual