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H7600 V5.22 (Win)

Version Note

If you have a recent unit running software version V5.61 or later, DO NOT install any software that is earlier than 5.61.

This update requires a Serial Cable reader connected to a PC running Windows.

Software updates are available to all registered users. For a list of changes, please see the release notes.

H7600 Version 5.22 Release Notes

This is a maintenance release with a number of small improvements and bug fixes, the main ones of which are listed below.


Both actual MIDI channel and base+offset are shown on controller screens.

Bugs Fixed:

  • nextprog and prevprog both give next program
  • channel and other info are not visible from EXTRIG,EXTCONTR modules
  • MIDI base channel change does not cause change in actual channel. NOTE: after this upgrade, leave MIDI channel set at the default value to keep the same actual channel assignments.
  • when a preset is loaded with less channels than the one it replaces and signal is applied, a low level 12kHz tone or DC offset may appear on the unused channels.
  • if a program is loaded from a card and an <update> is performed the program is saved to internal memory rather than back to the card.
  • if the sample rate converted is enabled, it will become disabled at next powerup

New Modules (documentation in latest Vsig)

  • AUDIOMUX - audio multiplexer
  • COMPRESSOR2 - same as COMPRESSOR but smoother, uses more resources
  • DELAY_XF - Multi-Tap Crossfading Delay Line
  • EQS - Double Precision Series Equalizer
  • H3000OSC - H3000-type Modulation Oscillator
  • MODDETUN - Audio Signal Detuner with Modulation
  • OVERLOAD - Audio Signal Overload Detector
  • C_LOG - logarithm to any base
  • C_POWER - exponent generator
  • SMONITOR - combined monitor and text monitor

New double precision EQ presets

  • 12 40 DP_St.EQ45
  • 12 41 DP_St.EQ65
  • 12 42 DP Stereo8 Grafic Eq