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H8000 Series Routing Utility (Mac)

Version Note

If you have a recent unit running software version V5.61 or later, DO NOT install any software that is earlier than 5.61.

This software allows you to configure the H8000 series' audio routings from your PC. Applies to H8000FW, H8000A, and H8000.

Release Notes for Routing Utility

Routing changes for V2.8


  1. Mac version now available (same as PC version but MIDI only)
  2. Speed up connection phase
  3. Use Notepad for help file
  4. Size buttons to always display text
  5. Add retries if midi does not reply
  6. Allow selection of multiple lines
  7. Allow connection of multiple consecutive lines (Ctrl)

Bugs Fixed

  1. Cannot select analog in when spdif selected on H8000 (TT894)
  2. Inputs changed by switches (eg spdif) are not saved to file (TT949)
  3. Improper interaction between S/PDIF opto and S/PDIF coax 3/4 on H8000FW (TT950)
  4. Wrong lines were swapped when going between AES's for SPDIF opto in
  5. ADAT lines still connected when opto used for SPDIF
  6. ADAT lines still connectable when opto used for SPDIF
  7. Wrong lines connected on loading preset if any button not in off state
  8. DSPA,B input gains missing for H8000FW
  9. ADC gains missing for H8000FW