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H9 MaxOut Program

H9 MaxOut 

You can upgrade an H9 Harmonizer or H9 Core to an H9 Max by purchasing algorithms via the store in the H9 Control app. With H9 Max, you get 52 effect algorithms and over 500 presets. It also includes all future algorithm releases at no additional cost. Upgrade now and hear what you're missing!


MaxOut Purchase Requirements

  • H9 - Purchase 20 Algorithms

  • H9 Core - Purchase 30 Algorithms 

Once you purchase the required number of algorithms, your unit will automatically MaxOut. 

Additional Details

  • All past algorithm purchases count towards your upgrade.
  • If you have already purchased the required number of algorithms your upgrade is ready. To activate, go to H9 Control > Settings > Sync Algorithms on H9 with Server.
  • Free and pre-installed algorithms DO NOT count toward your upgrade total.
  • The MaxOut option can only be used once - it's a one time deal. If you MaxOut and subsequently sell your H9 Max, you will not be able to MaxOut another standard H9 or H9 Core.

Instructions to MaxOut your H9 / H9 Core


Step 1

Launch the H9 Control app. Make sure to update to the latest version to ensure you have access to every available algorithm.

Click here to update H9 Control


Step 2

Go to the STORE tab in H9 Control to find out how many algorithms you need to purchase to MaxOut.

H9 Control Store

Step 3

Purchase algorithms until you MaxOut. Click on any Stompbox Collection, select an algorithm, and then press Buy. Please note that you can only purchase one algorithm at a time with H9 Control.


Multiple H9 Devices

You can share effect algorithms with up to 5 devices registered to you. The good news is you only need to upgrade one device. The better news is you pay the lower price if you have both an H9 and H9 CORE. (In this instance, your H9 would be upgraded.)

Transferability of Algorithms

When you MaxOut, the H9/H9 Core will remain an H9 Max forever. That means that if you sell your H9 Max, all the Max algorithms go along to the new owner. You can only MaxOut once. Any algorithms that you purchase with your Eventide account are yours forever.