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How to fix the problem in the V2.000 version of "Voice Processor"

There is a problem with the V2.00 version of this preset. An IIR filter used as a low cut filter was erroneously configured as a narrow band filter, meaning little signal is passed through. Improved versions of this preset are available in the DSP4000B or on our range of pre-recorded PCMCIA cards. Alternatively the V2.000 program can be fixed and saved to memory by performing the following simple steps:

  1. load the preset
  2. hit [PATCH]
  3. hit [->] 3 times to select IIR
  4. select {MODIFY}
  5. hit [->] 9 times to select "type: bandpass"
  6. hit the down arrow on the keypad once to give "type: highpass"
  7. select {DONE}
  8. hit [PROGRAM],{save},[SELECT] to save the edited copy