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Legacy Product Repair Information

To obtain repair on a discontinued product, please contact one of the following repair facilities. If you repair vintage Eventide gear and would like to be listed here, contact us.

Please note that these folks do not work for Eventide, nor are we responsible for their work.

United States

Studio Electronics, Inc.

David Kulka
3727 W. Magnolia Blvd., #410
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 843-7981

Repairs these models:

  • H3000 & H3500 Series
  • H910 & H949 (Parts only)
  • PS-101 Instant Phaser
  • FL-201 Instant Flanger
  • 2826 Omnipressor
  • 2830 Omnipressor

Beamish Electronics

Dane Beamish
4560 State Road, Suite A
Cleveland, OH 44109-4791
(216) 351-9599

Will work on any Eventide product.


Studio Piscine à Tokyo

Jonathan Prager
Paris, France

Repairs these models:

  • DDL1745
  • DDL1745M
  • Instant Flanger
  • Instant Phaser
  • Omnipressor
  • H910
  • H949
  • H969
  • SP2016
  • H3000 (all versions)

Audio Electronique Services

Pascal Verdet
1, Impasse de la Binetière – F 44 240 La Chapelle sur Erdre
Tel   : +33 984.020.252
Mob : +33 636.944.518

Will work on any vintage Eventide product.

Huebner Informationselektronik

Stefan Huebner
Waidmannstr. 12e
Hamburg, Germany 2769

Will work on any vintage Eventide product.