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Looper Instructions for H9 and TimeFactor

The Looper provides 12 seconds of mono recording at full audio quality and up to 48 seconds at reduced audio quality. Salient features are: loop recording in seconds or beats, variable speed scrubbing during playback and dubbing (including reverse playback and dubbing), seamless dubbing, realtime adjustment of the loop starting point and loop length, and full­featured MIDICLK sync.

If your Eventide Stompbox is connected to a stereo source, the inputs are automatically summed and the sum is the Looper's input. The Looper's output drives both outputs identically.

Since the Looper runs on both TimeFactor and H9, the Looper footswitch operations are first discussed separately, for the Timefactor in Timefactor Looper Footswitch Operation, and for the H9 in H9 Looper Footswitch Operation.

Next, the features common to both H9 and Timefactor are discussed: Looper Control Parameters, Tempo Mode and MIDI Clock Sync, and MIDI CC and Aux Switch Designations.