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Parameter Modulation

All real time parameters modulation on the H3000 work like this:

  • Load the algorithm/patch you need.
  • Press the FUNCTION key twice; you get this screen Modulation of Parameters (Patch) (SoftFunc) (FuncGen) (Control)
  • Begin patching by pressing (Patch). Initially there'll be nothing patched. The display will show:
    xxx parameter -> Patch is Disabled
    [Parmtr] (Source) (range) (per note)
  • Press [Parmtr] to select the parameter to be controlled. Turning the knob will scroll thru the list of
    controllable parameters.
  • Press (Source) to select the midi controller which will be patched to FX parameter. The knob will scroll thru the available controllers. This list contains all MIDI controllers, the "Soft Functions" and the function generator. As you turn the wheel you may notice softkeys appearing and disappearing. They are used to adjust certain parameters of the controllers. Turn the knob until the desired controller is shown on the display. Press (Done) to make the patch.
  • The (range) and (per note) keys determine how much the controller changes the effect parameter. The first number (range) shows how much the parameter would change if the controller changed over its full range. The second number (per note) shows how much the smallest change in the controller data would change the parameter. This is mainly used for MIDI notes. When MIDI notes are patched to a parameter, the "per note" value shows how much the parameter would change for each half step. To adjust the range in half step increments, press the (per note) key. In some cases, instead of (range) and (per note), the softkey (amount) will appear. Like range, (amount) will control the depth of modulation, with the exception that the value shown is the percentage of the parameter's adjustment range.
  • To see the effect of patching, go into edit mode and look at the parameter you've just patched to the controller. You should see its value changing when moving the controller.

You also need to patch the SAME midi controller you set on the H3000, on your favourite midi controller (pedalboards/keyboards/etc.) If you patched a paremeter to Midi Controller#1 : Modulation Wheel on the H3000, then you need to assign THAT same midi controller to a switch or a pedal into your midi pedalboard. Please refer to its manual to learn how to do that. Besides these basic aspect of parameters/controllers patching, there are many other features and possibilities to consider. Make sure you get the H3000 manual! That's very important.