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Release Notes for v5.8.5[1]


5.8.5[1] Release Notes:

Added TriceraChorus [TRICER] algorithm to the H9. TriceraChorus is a three voice chorus and two voice detuner, all in one H9 Algorithm.

Updated H9 Max Factory Preset List to v4.  This preset list includes presets from the TriceraChorus algorithm. 

H9 V5.4 Manual Changes and ReleaseNotes


If you are in PRE/POST mode when enabling the Tuner, the H9 will temporarily set the Routing to PRE. Similarly, INSWEL and OUTSWL will be temporarily disabled. All these will be restored on exiting the Tuner.

Killdry – Send/Return Loop

Setting Killdry on a preset-by-preset basis

Killdry can also be set on a preset-by-preset basis. The choices are:

  1. Global: this is the default setting, where Killdry is controlled by the System Mode setting above.
  2. Off: Killdry is always off, regardless of the System Mode setting.
  3. On: Killdry is always on.

To check or adjust these; settings:

  1. Press and hold the Left Footswitch. The display will show OUTLVL, or the last selected press and hold setting. Press the encoder until the display shows KILDRY. After a second, it will show the current setting.
  2. Turn the encoder to set it to GLOBAL, OFF or ON as desired.
  3. Release the Footswitch - the Preset will return to its previous Active or Bypassed state.
  4. Remember to save the preset, or the change will be lost.

[XMT.PC] – MIDI Program Change Re-Transmit Enable (ON/OFF)

Press the HOTKNOB button to select. Turn the Knob to set MIDI Program Change re-transmit ON or OFF. This setting determines if a MIDI Program Change message is sent when a program is loaded as the result of receiving a MIDI Program Change.

Press the PRESETS button once to back-up one level to MIDI menu. Press the PRESETS button twice to go to top level System menu.

[RCV.MAP] – Create a MIDI Program Change Receive Map

The following options have been added:

  • [TUN] Load the Tuner
  • [NXT] Load the preset following the current one. [LST] Load the preset preceding the current one.

Input and Output Swell

The Swell values are no longer reset to maximum when a new preset is loaded.

Other Changes:

  1. SCULPT Algorithm is now available. Go to H9 Control Algorithm Info for more information.
  2. MIDI THRU is now reliable, even during preset loads. A MIDI CC immediately following a MIDI Program Change will be handled correctly.
  3. send downbeat to alg with MIDItap.
  4. send downbeat to alg and reset tap with MIDISTART.
  5. a number of other smallfixes.