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ROSE Software Notes

Version 3.02
1) Shape button cancels preset-select mode (instead of incrementing bank) when entered via foot switches.
2) Fixed: Kill-Dry works for all bypass modes, including relay.
3) Added unique factory defaults for all 25 presets.
3) Updated MIDI document to reflect 25 presets (instead of 5).
Version 3.01
1) Pressing delay knob without turning will no longer cause delay to change. (Just displays coarse delay on LED ladder.)
2) Add Kill-Dry mode. This is enabled via the Bypass Mode menu.
3) Tap LFO LED is now in sync with RGB Rose LED.
4) Increased number of presets to 25 (5 banks of 5 presets).
Version 3.00
1) Number of presets increased to 15. (3 banks of 5)
2) Added MIDI clock receive. 
3) Added MIDI tap-tempo.
4) Added 8th, dotted-8th, triplet Tap-tempo divisions.
5) Added aux switch bypass control.
6) Added envelope "off" mode when RATE is full CCW to allow depth knob detune effects.
7) Expression Jack now works with single-button (TS) as well as 3-button (TRS) aux switches.
8) Fixed MIDI CC values not swinging full knob range. (Midi 127 is now full CW value).
9) Fixed: Changing the expr jack config from the expr jack via MIDI is no longer allowed.
10) Increased MIDI buffer to avoid overflows.
11) Fixed RS232 buffer bug, which could cause bytes to be dropped. 
Version 2.30
1) Fixed ACTIVE button resetting expression pedal (requiring rocking to reactivate). 
Version 2.29
1) Fixed pops when sweeping coarse delay between crossfade and glide ranges.
2) Fixed pops in active/bypass mode. 
3) Fixed chirp going in and out of reverse.
4) Fixed pops sweeping in and out of comb mode.
5) Improved glide roughness and clicks when sweeping delay in REV and REPT modes.
Version 2.28
1) Fixed zipper noise and pops when turning delay knob.
2) Fixed audio click coming out of repeat mode. 
Version 2.27
1) Added more hysteresis and averaging on all knobs and adjusted snap-to-end values 
   to prevent knob jitter.