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Software 3.5.0 [4] Release Notes

Production Software: 3.5.0[4]

Previous Production Software: 3.0.0[19] 
Eventide is happy to announce the release of TimeFactor 3.5.0[4] software. This is a recommended upgrade for all TimeFactor users, however we suggest that you only install this software when you have time to fully evaluate it before a tour or gig.

We strongly recommend that you back up your existing presets before updating to a new software version. Software updates contain changes which may make some user presets sound different. After updating it may be necessary to adjust certain knob settings to compensate for these changes.

Reverting to Previous Software

Note that it is possible to revert to the original version anytime, if desired.
H9 Control Software is now used to update and control the Time Stompbox.
To learn more, watch these instructional videos.
Update Eventide Stompboxes for H9 Control Software
Using Eventide Stompboxes with H9 Control
or Download and Install the latest version of Eventide Direct Update Utility (V1.4.1)

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Verify that you have properly registered your TimeFactor pedal, and that your username and password are correct. This can easily be done by viewing the My Products page. In order for the update to succeed, the Serial Number on your TimeFactor pedal must appear on this list, and you must supply the same username and password when prompted by the Eventide Update Utility.
  • If the update is started but does not complete successfully, the pedal may not function properly. If the pedal does not properly start up, the Eventide Update Utility will not be able to communicate with it. In this case, it will be necessary to force the pedal into Update Mode by holding down the center switch while applying power. Once the word "UPDATE" appears on the display, restart the Eventide Update Utility and attempt the update again.

TimeFactor Update Release Notes

Changes in Version 3.5.0[4] 

- Improved MIDI clock IN performance. 
- Improved clock filter (CLK FLT). In previous versions, when clock filter was enabled, locking was slowed down.
- FilterPong: Fixed bug in which SLUR did not save correctly.
- VintageDelay/FilterPong: Fixed pop/click that occasionally happened when switching from VintageDelay to FilterPong

Changes in Version 3.0.0[19]

Preset Naming

TimeFactor now gives you the ability to name your Presets. When you load a new Preset in Bank Mode, the entire Preset name will scroll once. Then the Bank/Preset number will be displayed, followed by the first 4-6 letters of the Preset Name.

To Edit the Preset Name:

-After entering Save Mode, press the Right Footswitch and the first character of the Preset Name will flash. Turning the Encoder will change this character. The available character set is 'A-Z','a-z', '0-9'.

- The Left and Right Footswitch LEDs will be flashing green, to show that TimeFactor is in Save Mode and that these switches can be used to navigate between edit fields.

- Use the Left and Right Footswitches to traverse the display, selecting a field to be edited by the Encoder. (The active field for editing is always flashing.) Repeated pressing of the Right or Left Footswitch will traverse through the name field one character at a time, flashing the selected character. 

- The cursor will “wrap around the display.” Pressing the Left Footswitch will move the edit field to the left by one character at a time until it gets to the first character. Pressing the Left Footswitch from here will jump to the last character of the Preset Name.

- A phantom space is always present at the end of the name to allow characters to be added past the end. The phantom space cannot be deleted but will be removed on exit.

-When you are finished naming, either press and hold the Encoder Button to save the Preset, or press the Middle Footswitch to exit without saving.

Special Footswitch Presses/Shortcuts for Naming Presets:

1. Press and hold Left Footswitch to DELETE the current flashing character.
2. Press and hold Right Footswitch to INSERT a character before the current flashing character.

Output Level Control

TimeFactor now gives you the ability to individually adjust each Preset’s Output Level.

In PLAY Mode, holding down the Left Footswitch for 2 seconds from Bypass state puts the unit into Active and also puts the unit into Preset O/P Level Adjust Mode. While the 
footswitch is pressed and held the display will show “OP 0dB” (default). While continuing to hold the footswitch down you can optionally turn the Encoder Knob to adjust Preset Output Level from –20dB to +6dB in 1dB increments. Preset must be saved to store this setting.e

To adjust the Output Level in BANK Mode, press and hold the Left or Middle Footswitch while in Bypass.

Level Meter
An input signal level meter has been added to help optimize signal-to-noise performance. In PLAY Mode, press and hold both the Left and Right Footswitches. A vertical bar will appear in the middle of the display, and a meter will light from left to right when there is input signal present. For best signal to noise performance each input signal peak should go past the bar in the middle. If it does not, it indicates that the input level is not optimal. In this case a buffer or preamp should be used to boost the input level.

Improvements to Tape Echo

Improved TapeEcho with softer attacks in repeats.

An issue has been fixed involving Tape Echo saturation saving.

Changes have been made to the TapeEcho Drive control (Xnob) to add more overdrive/saturation to the delay signal.

Increased Modulation Speed and Depth in Vintage Delay

Changes have been made to the Modulation Depth (Depth Knob) and Modulation Speed (Speed Knob) controls to add more drastic modulation effects in Vintage Delay.

MIDI Improvements

An issue has been fixed where MIDI Clock was still active when THRU was selected as TimeFactor’s MIDI OUTPUT.

MIDI Expression Pedal will now go to all the way to 100.

MIDI Clock is now updated correctly after changing Presets.

MIDI Clock no longer interferes with MIDI Sysex messages.

Miscellaneous Fixes

Changes have been made to provide smoother sounding Preset loading with SPILL ON.

Changes have been made to improve the operation of Tap Tempo.

Clearing Loop (Press and hold the Middle and Right Footswitches in PLAY Mode) now functions properly when using Looper with Relay Bypass 

Changes have been made to improve responsiveness of an external Aux Switch when used with Looper.

Fixed distortion in looper with audio buildup.

Fixed clicking in output when bank is changed.

The Peak Light LED accuracy has been improved.

Fixed some minor display issues.

Previous Changes from Version 2.4.2[1]

MIDI CC messages are no longer affected by having Catchup ON.

When using the Encoder to change to the Vintage Delay Effect, the default value for Bits is now 20.

The default Expression Pedal assignment for new Factory Presets is Mix.

Expression Pedal assignments for original Factory Presets have been corrected.

An issue has been fixed where some Modulation Knobs were not saving properly.

Setting FS3 to be controlled by Aux Switch T+R now works correctly.

Global Mix now works correctly for all Effect Types.

DSP+FX now works correctly for all Effect Types.

Previous Changes from Version 2.4.1[1]

More Presets

TimeFactor now supports up to 50 Banks/100 Presets. The number of banks in the UTILITY menu may need to be increased to make these visible.

This update includes killer new factory presets.

Improved Vintage Delay

The Bits, Filter, and Feedback controls have been improved for a more authentic sound.

Improved Tape Echo

The Filter and Feedback controls have been improved for a more authentic sound. 

A Saturation control has replaced the Hiss control on the Xnob. 

Expression Pedal Improvements

Expression Pedal Programming Activation 
Expression Pedal programming is now activated only when the Expression Pedal is at the heel or toe position.

Shorter Timeout 
The Pedal Programming Timeout has been reduced to 2 seconds. This means that when you move the Expression Pedal to heel or toe position, TimeFactor will allow Expression Pedal programming for 2 seconds and then change to normal operation.

Pedal Programming Lock
You can now optionally disable live Expression Pedal programming. (See System Menu Updates.)

Parameter Fine-Tuning

The Encoder can now be used to fine-tune all knob parameters if turned within 2 seconds of turning any knob.

Bank Select via Encoder Knob

In Bank Mode, the Encoder can now be used to select banks in either direction if turned within 2 seconds of pressing a bank change footswitch.

System Menu Updates

[MIDI] – General Improvements have been made to MIDI operation, including these new MIDI Functions:

[RCV CTL] – There are new choices for Receive Control to alter the unit’s BYPASS setting:
ACT – Make the unit ACTive, i.e. not bypassed.
TOG – TOGgle the between bypass and active.

[RCV MAP] - BYPASS via Program Change
As well as using MIDI program change to load a preset, now it can also be programmed to directly control the unit’s BYPASS setting. In the Receive Map menu you can now select one of the following:
BYP - BYPass the unit
ACT - Make the unit ACTive, i.e. not bypassed.
TOG - TOGgle the between bypass and active.

[CLK IN] - MIDI Input Clock Enable 
Turn Encoder to set MIDI Clock Receive ON or OFF. If ON, MIDI Clock is used as a Tempo source.

[CLK OUT] – MIDI Output Clock Enable 
Turn Encoder to set MIDI Clock Transmit ON or OFF. If ON,
TimeFactor can now be used as a MIDI Clock source.

[CLK FLT] – MIDI Clock Filter Enable 
Turn Encoder to set MIDI Clock Filtering ON or OFF. If ON,
TimeFactor can be used with an unstable MIDI Clock source.

[UTILITY] – New Utility Function:

[PDLOCK] - "Lock" Expression Pedal settings
When PDLOCK is set to ON, Expression Pedal programming is disabled and all Expression Pedal settings are locked. Default is OFF (unlocked).

Miscellaneous Fixes

MIDI Clock timing has been improved.

The accuracy of using MIDI CC to control TAP has been improved.

A received real time MIDI signal (e.g. MIDIclock) no longer terminates any sysex message also being received.

When a RPT ON or RPT OFF message is displayed, the Encoder knob no longer gets locked out.

It no longer takes two switch presses to turn-off Infinite Repeat after changing from Play mode to Bank mode.

Dumping presets over USB no longer results in BAD LOAD messages.

There was an issue when assigning an Aux Switch to tip=FS1, ring=FS2, t+r=FS3. From Bank Mode, loading a preset that was saved as Looper and then loading a different preset that was not Looper resulted in Tap Tempo from an aux switch to be ignored until you switched to Play Mode and then back to Bank Mode again.

The displays for Tempo, Fdbk, Dly, are now consistent among all three Factor series Stompboxes.

Overall Wet/Dry levels are now more consistent

In System/MIDI/XMT CC when you change the MIDI CC numbers from factory defaults, the settings are no longer lost after power cycle.

If an Aux Switch is assigned to control both TAP and STP, the settings are no longer lost after power cycle.

When using an Aux Switch assigned to TAP, a single tap of the Aux Switch now displays the current tempo like a single tap on the on-board TAP footswitch does.

When assigning an Aux Switch to P/B, the switch no longer decrements the Bank number with every other press.

General improvements have been made to speed up the system response.

Previous Changes from Version 2.0.3[2]

40 Presets
Version 2.0 doubles the available space for storing presets. There are now 20 Banks of two Presets, totaling 40 available Preset slots. Selecting BANKS in the UTILITY System Menu, you can enable a range of Banks by selecting the (L)ow and (H)igh BANK. This is useful if you are playing a gig and you know that you will only need to access a specific BANK range. TimeFactor ships with 20 unique Factory Presets - the Presets stored in BANKs 11-20 are duplicates of BANKs 1-10. The default setting for the (H)igh BANK is 10.

Audio Enhancements
-New smooth/quiet transition between Active and DSP Bypass.
-Mix knob taper improved.
-VintageDelay "Bits" control no longer introduces noise at low signal levels.
-Mix knob audio level issues have been addressed.

The range of the Feedback controls for all delay effects has been increased to 110%. This allows TimeFactor to go into self-oscillation at high feedback values resulting in some very interesting (and potentially LOUD) sounds. BE CAREFUL!

New Filters
2.0 features dramatic new filters providing for a greater range of tone control.

More Responsive User Interface
TimeFactor's Operating System software has been fine-tuned resulting in less latency when turning knobs, selecting effects, and responding to external controls.

SpillOver provides smooth transitions when changing Presets by fading the lingering echoes of one Preset into the echoes of the next Preset. SpillOver [SPILL] can be turned ON or OFF from the Utility section of the System menu (Default is OFF.)

Looper Improvements
-The Looper Mix taper has been changed so that you can now mix the recorded audio with live audio at full volume for each.
-The Looper now responds to MIDI Start/Stop commands when MIDI clock is present.
-Looper Beats resolution has been improved in Tempo Mode.
-Loop splicing has been improved making Loops more seamless.

Control Expression Pedal via MIDI CC
In the RCV CTL area of the MIDI menu, PDL is now a choice. This allows you to do things like automate an expression pedal performance from a computer or use an external MIDI expression pedal to control Preset expression pedal assignments.

Pitch Shifting removed from Tap and Preset Change
On certain Effect Types where changing delay time causes pitch fluctuations, these pitch effects have been removed for the operations of Tap Tempo and changing Presets, yet remain when the parameter is changed via the knob or expression pedal.

Aux Switch Improvements
We've added a new Aux Switch operating mode called "Alternate." In Alternate Mode, the AUX switches act as Play Switches when the Stompbox is in Bank Mode and Bank Switches when the Stompbox is in Play Mode. The alternate mode switch designators, "FS1", "FS2" and "FS3", have been added to the AUX SW Menu.

PDL choice added to AUX SW Menu
Assigning "PDL" to an Aux Switch allows you to get the full value of the preset's Expression Pedal assignment (Toe down) while you hold that switch. This is great for things like sending feedback to 110% while holding the switch down and then back to a "safe" value when you let go.

New default Aux Switch Assignments 
The Factory Default Aux Switch assignments are now BYP, RPT, and TAP for TIP, RNG, and T+R. (You'll need to Initialize SETUP to get the factory defaults - Hold the Encoder button and Right footswitch on power up).

Global Mix/Tempo
Mix and Tempo now have independent Global settings in the System menu.

MIDI Tap Tempo Improved
The accuracy of Tap Tempo via MIDI has been improved.

Display Improvements
-The way in which MIDI Continuous Controllers are displayed in the MIDI Menu is now more consistent.
-Bank up switch now operates on release. This allows you to change from Bank Mode to Play Mode without having the Bank Display appear to increment.
-The name of Bypass Type [DSP+DLY] has been changed to [DSP+FX].

Sysex Compatibility 
TimeFactor 2.0 will read all System Exclusive data from older TimeFactor versions.

Bug Fix 
Aux Switch assigned to P/B now works correctly.