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Software 5.0.0 [4] Release Notes

Reverting to Previous Software


Note that it is possible to revert to the original version anytime, if desired.

How to Update

H9 Control Software is now used to update and control the PitchFactor Stompbox.

To learn more, watch these instructional videos.

Update Eventide Stompboxes for H9 Control Software

Using Eventide Stompboxes with H9 Control

or Download and Install the latest version of Eventide Direct Update Utility (V1.4.1)

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Verify that you have properly registered your PitchFactor pedal, and that your username and password are correct. This can easily be done by viewing the My Products page. In order for the update to succeed, the Serial Number on your PitchFactor pedal must appear on this list, and you must supply the same username and password when prompted by the Eventide Update Utility.
  • If the update is started but does not complete successfully, the pedal may not function properly. If the pedal does not properly start up, the Eventide Update Utility will not be able to communicate with it. In this case, it will be necessary to force the pedal into Update Mode by holding down the center switch while applying power. Once the word "UPDATE" appears on the display, restart the Eventide Update Utility and attempt the update again.

PitchFactor Update Release Notes

Changes in Version 3.5.0[4] 

Bug Fixes in this Release:

- Diatonic/Quadravox: Fixed pitch tracking bug introduced in V3 which caused low level inputs to be shifted incorrectly.
- Harmodulator: Fixed bug in which stereo outputs would sum to zero when both WET=100% and B VOICE = 100%.
- Harmodulator: Fixed bug in which fine tuning on feedback only affected the display (didn't change actual audio feedback).
- Diatonic/Quadravox: Fixed bug in which a new KEY didn't save to a preset correctly after using LEARN to set the KEY.
- Diatonic/Quadravox: Fixed bug in which changing SCALE after setting the KEY with LEARN button reset the KEY.
- Improved MIDI clock IN performance. 
- Improved clock filter (CLK FLT). In previous versions, when clock filter was enabled, locking was slowed down.

Changes in Version 3.0.0[19] 

Preset Naming

PitchFactor now gives you the ability to name your Presets. When you load a new Preset in Bank Mode, the entire Preset name will scroll once. Then the Bank/Preset number will be displayed, followed by the first 4-6 letters of the Preset Name.

To Edit the Preset Name:

-After entering Save Mode, press the Right Footswitch and the first character of the Preset Name will flash. Turning the Encoder will change this character. The available character set is 'A-Z','a-z', '0-9'.

- The Left and Right Footswitch LEDs will be flashing green, to show that PitchFactor is in Save Mode and that these switches can be used to navigate between characters.

- Use the Left and Right Footswitches to traverse the display, selecting the character to be edited by the Encoder. (The character being edited is always flashing.) Repeated pressing of the Right or Left Footswitch will traverse through the preset name one character at a time. 

- The cursor will “wrap around the display.” Pressing the Left Footswitch will move to the left by one character at a time until it gets to the first character. Pressing the Left Footswitch from here will jump to the last character of the Preset Name.

- A phantom space is always present at the end of the name to allow characters to be added past the end. The phantom space cannot be deleted but will be removed on exit.

-When you are finished naming, either press and hold the Encoder Button to save the Preset, or press the Middle Footswitch to exit without saving.

Special Footswitch Presses/Shortcuts for Naming Presets:

1. Press and hold Left Footswitch to DELETE the current flashing character.
2. Press and hold Right Footswitch to INSERT a character before the current flashing character.

Output Level Control

PitchFactor now gives you the ability to individually adjust each Preset’s Output Level.

In PLAY Mode, holding down the Left Footswitch for 2 seconds from Bypass state puts the unit into Active and also puts the unit into Preset O/P Level Adjust Mode. While the 
footswitch is pressed and held the display will show “OP 0dB” (default). While continuing to hold the footswitch down you can optionally turn the Encoder Knob to adjust Preset Output Level from –20dB to +6dB in 1dB increments. Preset must be saved to store this setting To adjust the Output Level in BANK Mode, press and hold the Left or Middle Footswitch while in Bypass.

Level Meter
An input signal level meter has been added to help optimize signal-to-noise performance. In PLAY Mode, press and hold both the Left and Right Footswitches. A vertical bar will appear in the middle of the display, and a meter will light from left to right with there is input signal present. For best signal-to-noise performance, each input signal peak should go past the bar in the middle. If it does not, it indicates that the input level is not optimal. In this case a buffer or preamp should be used to boost the input level.

New Waveform Choices in Synthonizer
In addition to sine (SIN), triangle (TRI) and sawtooth (SW), Synthonizer’s Xnob now gives you two new Waveshape choices: Organ1 (OR1) and Organ2 (OR2). Selecting either of these and varying the Pitch A knob offers a wide variety of new synth sounds, ranging from low nasty grit to cyber tin whistle.

Longer Delay Time in MicroPitch

The maximum delay time in MicroPitch has been increased from 1500 to 2000 milliseconds. This allows you to use PitchFactor as a 2 second delay pedal!

Improved Expression Pedal Response

The PitchFlex effect has received enhancements which provide faster response to an Expression Pedal.

NOTE: There is a known bug when using Expression Pedal control via MIDI with PitchFlex. If you have no Expression Pedal, you must plug a dummy cable into the Expression Pedal input jack or the MIDI Expression Pedal will be ignored.

MIDI Improvements

An issue has been fixed where MIDI Clock was still active when THRU was selected as PitchFactor’s MIDI OUTPUT.

MIDI Expression Pedal will now go to all the way to 100.

MIDI Clock is now updated correctly after changing Presets. MIDI Clock no longer interferes with MIDI Sysex messages.

Miscellaneous Fixes

Synthonizer now works correctly when using only Input 2 and Output2.

Display improvements have been made to the Delay knobs in Tempo Mode.

The Crystals Effect now responds better to loud input signals.

Pitch A and Pitch B are now correctly in phase when using HarModulator and HarPeggiator in stereo operation.

Added fine tune control on all knobs. (Turn a knob, then turn the Encoder knob to fine tune the value.)

Turning the encoder after turning key or scale no longer causes an update in Delay.

Fixed new bug introduced in V3beta in Synthonizer that affected the sound of sin/tri/saw waveforms.

Fixed bug related to pitch flex expression pedal saving.

The Peak Light LED accuracy has been improved.

Previous Changes from Version 2.3.0[2]

New Scales in Diatonic and Quadravox

New scales have been added to the Diatonic and Quadravox effects. Using the Speed/Scale knob, you can now select from the following:

[MAJ] - Major
[min] - Minor 
[DOR] - Dorian 
[PHRG] - Phrygian
[LYD] - Lydian 
[MLYD] - Mixolydian
[LOC] - Locrian
[Hmin] - Harmonic Minor
[Mmin] - Melodic Minor
[Wton] - Whole Tone
[ENIG] - Enigmatic
[NPLT] - Neopolitan
[HUNG] - Hungarian

Expression Pedal

There are improvements to the way that expression pedal programming works.

Expression Pedal Programming Activation: 
Expression Pedal programming is now activated only when the Expression Pedal is at the heel or toe position.

Shorter Timeout: 
The Pedal Programming Timeout has been reduced to 2 seconds. This means that when you move the Expression Pedal to heel or toe position, PitchFactor will allow Expression Pedal programming for 2 seconds and then change to normal operation.

Bank Select

In Bank Mode, the Encoder can now be used to select banks in either direction if turned within 2 seconds of pressing a 
bank change footswitch.

System Menu Updates

[TUNER] - Tuner

[CALIBRT] - The Calibration Range of the Tuner has been extended. It is now 420Hz-460Hz. Default is 440Hz.

[UTILITY] - Utility Functions

[PDLOCK] - "Lock" Expression Pedal settings
When PDLOCK is set to ON, Expression Pedal programming is disabled and all Expression Pedal settings are locked. Default is OFF (unlocked).

Miscellaneous Fixes

-PitchFlex can now be controlled via MIDI CC.

-An issue has been fixed where tapping delays in non-tempo mode displayed greater delay values than were actually present.