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Software 5.0.0 [5] Release Notes

Reverting to Previous Software

Note that it is possible to revert to the original version anytime, if desired.

How to Update

H9 Control Software is now used to update and control the Space Stompbox.

To learn more, watch these instructional videos.

Update Eventide Stompboxes for H9 Control Software

Using Eventide Stompboxes with H9 Control

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Verify that you have properly registered your Space pedal, and that your username and password are correct. This can easily be done by viewing the My Products page. In order for the update to succeed, the Serial Number on your Space pedal must appear on this list, and you must supply the same username and password when prompted by the Eventide Update Utility.
  • If the update is started but does not complete successfully, the pedal may not function properly. If the pedal does not properly start up, the Eventide Update Utility will not be able to communicate with it. In this case, it will be necessary to force the pedal into Update Mode by holding down the center switch while applying power. Once the word "UPDATE" appears on the display, restart the Eventide Update Utility and attempt the update again.

Space Update Release Notes

Changes in Version 4.0.0[6] 

New Features:
- INF and FREEZE options added to 9 of the 12 SPACE algorithms. 
- INF causes the reverb to persist indefinitely while continuously layering in the input signal. 
- FREEZE kicks the reverb into infinite decay mode while locking out the reverb input. The dry signal is routed in parallel with the 'frozen' reverb section. 
- Each algorithm imparts its own flavor to the FREEZE function, allowing the parallel dry signal to be effected with another reverberated sound, delay, modulation, etc. 
- INF and FREEZE are accessed by Parameter Knobs and therefore can be controlled via HotSwtich, Expression Pedal, or MIDI.

Details on the specific action of the INF and FREEZE function for each of the 9 algorithms:

Hall: INF and FREEZE on all 3 Decay knobs. Use the Decay Knob to select INF or Freeze for the entire (full bandwidth) reverb. This allows you to solo over the reverb with a dry parallel signal. Use the Xnob or Ynob to freeze individual either low or high frequency bands of the reverb and solo over the frozen reverb band with a reverberated parallel signal.

Plate: INF and FREEZE on the Decay knob. This allows for a Plate slap sound over the frozen reverb.

DualVerb: INF and FREEZE on both Decay knobs (Xnob for B-decay). Also, during FREEZE the A/B mixer on FxMix is post for the frozen reverb (it is usually a pre-reverb input mixer). This allows for a myriad of options between freezing one reverb, or both, and mixing between the two.

Reverse: INF and FREEZE on the Size knob, which affect the forward reverb. This allows for reverse reverb climbs with feedback delay all in parallel with the frozen reverb section.

ModEchoVerb: FREEZE added to the Decay knob. The signal is rerouted during FREEZE to allow for parallel modulation and/or delay over the frozen section. We also added a Reverb OFF option to the Decay knob, so you can have delay and/or modulation alone.

BlackHole: INF and FREEZE on the FxMix knob.

TremoloVerb: INF and FREEZE on the Decay knob. We also made the EQ post reverb so the EQ will now affect the frozen sound (the manual says it's supposed to be anyway, but it wasn't).

DynaVerb: INF and FREEZE on the Decay knob, so you can duck, expand, or gate an infinite reverb with your input signal.

Shimmer: PITCH FREEZE and PTCH+VRB FRZ on the FxMix knob. PITCH FREEZE locks out the pitch shifters, but feeds the reverb, allowing you to freeze the Shimmer pitch climb at opportune times. PTCH+VRB FREEZE freezes everything, pitch and reverb for dry soloing on top of the frozen reverb.

Bug Fixes:
- Blackhole: Fixed bug in which dry output 1 was -3dB compared to dry output 2.
- DualVerb: Makes dual mono actually be dual mono on input and not just the output.
- TremoloVerb: Now a true stereo reverb.
- DynaVerb: Omnipressor ONLY mode can now be accessed via fine tuning with encoder.
- Shimmer: Fine tuning of PitchDecay now works.
- TremoloVerb: Spillover no longer looses rhythm when switching presets.
- ModEchoVerb: Fixed bug in which the tempo-mode note-values for Echo were not correct making the delays sound out of time.
- Improved MIDI clock IN performance. 
- Improved clock filter (CLK FLT). In previous versions, when clock filter was enabled, locking was slowed down.