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USB Installer for H9000

Installation Instructions:

Unzip the zip file. 

Inside the folder should be 2 files, “usb-updater.sqz” and “usb-updater-info.xml”. 

Copy these 2 files to the top level of a FAT-32 formatted USB flash drive.

Connect the drive to a USB port on the H9000.

Power on the H9000 while holding both check and X keys for a couple of seconds.

Wait for the H9000 to boot into update mode.

Follow the on-screen instructions.

Release Notes 1.2.2.[3]

  • Updated wet/dry mix control

    The wet/dry mix controls built into the H9000 algorithm and FX chain containers have been updated to use the H8000 tapers so they behave consistently with H8000 presets.  Additionally, user algorithm presets, FX chains and sessions will be automatically updated to the new tapers so they will sound the same as they did before.

    Changed bypass ordering

    Bypass mode now bypasses input/output gain adjustments

    Implemented network communication necessary to support Vsig 3

    Fix an issue with Function assignments and values not loading correctly

    Allow setting an explicit MIDI channel in Scenes mode

    Fixed an issue with expression pedal calibration on H9000R, and optimized calibration display

    Fixed a UI glitch where Preset selection would jump if scrolled too quickly

    Expansion cards

    MADI card 64/32 channel support

    The MADI card firmware now fully supports 64/32 channel mode.   The output format can follow the input format or be fixed at 56/28 (H9000 can send and receive 28 channels) or 64/32 (H9000 can send and receive 32 channels).


    Improved clock sync and USB driver status indication

    Distorted knob UI bug fixed

    Tempo automation improved

    Added System Report functionality to gather H9000 logs

    Manual IP configuration support improved

    Fixed Session > Open Recent functionality

    Catalina compatibility (macOS)

    Fix some right-click behavior to conform with macOS standards

    Fix for crash while connecting in Recovery Mode on Windows

    Fix pixellated device icons on Windows

    Implement window size/position persistence


    Version 3 released

Release Notes

  • fixed the USB Audio mute bug where the warning would disappear even if the audio path is still muted

Release Notes

  • Scenes crash fixes
  • Crushstation gain staging adjustments
  • Fix an issue with H9 algorithm preset loading
  • Allow all symbols in WiFi password dialog 

Release Notes