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USB Installer for H9000

Installation Instructions:

Unzip the zip file. 

Inside the folder should be 2 files, “usb-updater.sqz” and “usb-updater-info.xml”. 

Copy these 2 files to the top level of a FAT-32 formatted USB flash drive.

Connect the drive to a USB port on the H9000.

Power on the H9000 while holding both check and X keys for a couple of seconds.

Wait for the H9000 to boot into update mode.

Follow the on-screen instructions.

Release Notes 1.2.2.[3]


Release Notes

  • fixed the USB Audio mute bug where the warning would disappear even if the audio path is still muted

Release Notes

  • Scenes crash fixes
  • Crushstation gain staging adjustments
  • Fix an issue with H9 algorithm preset loading
  • Allow all symbols in WiFi password dialog 

Release Notes