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VSig for PC (Beta)

Software updates for VSig are available to all Eventide users.  For a list of changes, please see the release notes

VSIGFILE Release Notes Vsig is a beta release for Vsig 2.5

Main changes in Many, many bug fixes.

New features

  • Auto knob setup (enabled/disabled on User Preferences).
  • Automatically sets the defaults for a knob to match the input to which it is connected
  • Graphical indication of module ordering/disordering (enabled from View Menu, color set on User Preferences)
  • Drag and drop to change ordering in graphics mode (hold down Shift key)
  • Edit/Fix Disorder command – moves selected module after all source modules to fix indicated disorder
  • Edit/Disconnect command – disconnect a repeating input without deleting it
  • Vista-compatible help file
  • Improved serial communications
  • Zoom and other icons added
  • Reset button for user preferences
  • MIDI commands to load and save presets for Factor Stompboxes
  • And others too numerous to mention