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Can I import my presets from 2016 Stereo Room into SP2016 Reverb?

Yes, you can import your presets from 2016 Stereo Room into the SP2016 plugin. Presets for Eventide plugins are stored by default under (~/Documents/Eventide/[Name of plugin]/Presets).

First, make sure you are using the latest version of 2016 Stereo Room. Second, you may need to re-save any presets you would like to move from the 2016 Stereo Room plugin. Then all you will need to do is copy your desired presets from the 2016 Stereo Room presets folder into the SP2016 Reverb presets folder. They are compatible, but will not sound exactly identical because of the SP2016 Reverb's hardware modeling. The algorithm that will load up with these copied presets is the Vintage Stereo Room, as it is the most similar.

Note: The input gain scaling is different in the SP2016 Reverb, so while the parameters load up and display the same values between the two plugins, you may need to adjust the input gain to get the same input level from the SP2016 Reverb. However, an input gain value of zero will be at the same level.