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I updated to Physion, why does my DAW still show the plug-in name as ‘Fission’ in effect inserts and/or the available plug-ins menu?

Some DAWs cache the names of plug-ins in their general settings, or in session settings (e.g. for insert names). Resetting the DAW’s cache files and rescanning your plug-ins should fix this issue.

In particular, if you are using Logic Pro or GarageBand, you can reset the cache with the following steps:

  1. Close the DAW
  2. Delete the following files from your User Library, if they are present:
  3. Reopen the DAW

If you are using REAPER, the plug-in name will update in the Add FX menu, but not in the insert field of sessions previously created using Fission. This is because REAPER stores the insert name locally when you first add the plug-in as an insert. You can right-click the plug-in insert, and select "Rename FX Instance", to update the name.

While these are currently the only known DAWs with this issue, it is possible that other DAWs might have the same issue. Clearing the plug-in cache will likely solve the problem. And, even if your DAW still displays the old name, as long as the actual plug-in UI says "Physion," you have updated correctly.