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My Eventide plug-in loads and runs fine, but I can't find the presets. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Eventide has its own preset format using .tide preset files. By default the installer installs the .tide presets to your Documents/Eventide/<Plug-In Name>/Presets folder on Windows, and Music/Eventide/<Plug-In Name>/Presets on Mac. It may be necessary to check that the installer has placed the presets in the proper location. You can load these presets using Eventide's Preset Bar which is part of the plug-in GUI itself. Some hosts have their own preset bars which are used by the host. Eventide's .tide presets will not show up in this preset bar. To load an Eventide Factory Preset you have to use the preset bar which is inside the actual plug-in GUI, usually below the hosts preset bar.