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What are the differences between the old PS101 Instant Phaser plugin and the new Instant Phaser Mk II plugin?

The Instant Phaser Mk II boasts several new features, and a brand-new, veritably more faithful emulation of the original Instant Phaser hardware. Additional controls that have been included in the Instant Phaser Mk II are mostly located in the "EX1" expansion panel section on the UI and are as follows:

- Mode switch to change the amount of phase-shifting

- Age knob introduces an analog component-drift feature

- Oscillator can now be Synced to the session tempo

- Oscillator also has an automatable Retrigger switch to reset the LFO even while in Hz (free-running)

- Envelope Follower can now be Side Chained

- Feedback control

- Standard Input and Output Gain

- "Always show values" feature via the gear icon

- Bypass switches accessible via the left and right sides of the plugin