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500 series

H9 in 500 series format


Hi, my use of the H9 is mostly in the studio as an effect unit for tracking guitars and synths. I don't regret going with the H9 max as it is great bang for the buck and does not require buying or get obsoleted new when updating the DAW host OS for example.

I have since gone the route for OTB signal processing in 500 format for EQ and dynamics and plan to route those lowZmic level signals through the 1/4 TRS plugs of the H9. 

Desktop integration by editing saving presents through the GUI works fine so for further convenience I'm wondering ...

DDL-500 is Second to None

…There are hundreds of delay plugins but the DDL-500 offers many advantages, first and foremost of which is its utterly amazing sound. The DDL-500 is ultra-clean and pristine, giving an exact 1:1 copy of your source if you wish, but the analog signal path offers a similar intangible “analog air” quality like you get when comparing vintage hardware to equivalent software models.

Sound on Sound reviews the DDL-500

Viewed as a simple mono digital delay line, the Eventide DDL–500 delivers a simply superb performance. Moving through the sonic possibilities between the pristine clarity of the delayed signal at the default 192kHz sampling rate and the limited bandwidth at 12kHz, you’ll find a delay character in the DDL–500 that you can tailor to suit every instrumental and vocal application that I can think of.


DDL-500 for 500 Series now available

Today, Eventide announced the immediate availability of its new digital delay for 500 series racks, the DDL-500.