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TimeFactor delay time "slew/drag"


I apologize if there's already a thread on this topic. I tried to search for one but I'm probably not using the correct terminology.

DDL-500 is Second to None

…There are hundreds of delay plugins but the DDL-500 offers many advantages, first and foremost of which is its utterly amazing sound. The DDL-500 is ultra-clean and pristine, giving an exact 1:1 copy of your source if you wish, but the analog signal path offers a similar intangible “analog air” quality like you get when comparing vintage hardware to equivalent software models.

Sound on Sound reviews the DDL-500

Viewed as a simple mono digital delay line, the Eventide DDL–500 delivers a simply superb performance. Moving through the sonic possibilities between the pristine clarity of the delayed signal at the default 192kHz sampling rate and the limited bandwidth at 12kHz, you’ll find a delay character in the DDL–500 that you can tailor to suit every instrumental and vocal application that I can think of.