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Impossible to find H9 from H9 Android App - Xiaomi M9tPro.



I have new phone Xiaomi M9t Pro. It's impossible to find H9 stomps (2 H9) using the Android H9 control App.

The App is updated at last version, the H9's too. H9's are paired with the phone (I'm able to see them in the bluetooth device list) but the H9 control app list is still empty. I've tried to reboot the phone, restart bluetooth, stop and rescan from the H9 control app, no luck. I come from a Sony Xperia XA2 and I have no problems with this phone.

Can I try some tricks?

Many thanks, bye!

Programming expression parameter ranges via Android H9 Control


Haven't found a way to set different ranges for parameters to be assigned to EXP via the Android app. 

This worked fine on the Windows app, clicking the blue ribbons around the knobs. I thought I might be able to achieve the same thing with the XY Pad but I'm not finding this functionality either. What's up with the Android app?