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anthology x

Upgrading to anthology X


I have 4 eventide plugins that I bought from a friend who was the original owner. It is registered under my account now though. Will I able to upgrade to anthology X for $199? Or plugins have to be bought directly from eventide to be eligible for upgrade?

H9 algorithms as plugins


Do you think Eventide will ever consider a plugin version of the H9 algorithms? I love my H9. I know the algorithms are based on combinations of things available in Anthology X, but it's tied together so well in the H9. I have Anthology X too. Anthology X review

How can you not be excited to see every delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, compressor, EQ, limiter, expander, and sound design tool you ever lusted for in one collection?...Anthology X is a collection of sonic masterpieces and studio staples that span decades. Mixing with this bundle gives new meaning to the phrase “we stood on the shoulders of geniuses.” If your mixes could benefit from classic and definitive Eventide sound, Anthology X is for you

Band Delays offers "extraordinary" possibilities

The H3000 Band Delays is what the title implies... it causes bands not to show up on time. I think it’s obvious that the rhythmic possibilities are extraordinary....the modulation capabilities are deep, useful, and just as responsible as the delays and filters in providing unique sounds.

Dan Gillespie Interview

DSP Engineer, Dan Gillespie

The folks over at recently caught up with our senior DSP Engineer, Dan Gillespie, to discuss Eventide's latest software release, Anthology X.