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Mix Tverb Review

Tverb’s Meistersaal room simulation is full of character, and being able to sculpt its intrinsic nature in specific ways greatly expands this plug-in’s usefulness. 

The Glitch is Back!

We just love Laurie Anderson, the revered avant-garde artist, composer, musician and film director. She was kind enough to chat with us about the H910 Harmonizer. A long time user of the original hardware, she was very excited to find out the plug-in was recreated to sound just like the original (glitches and all). 

Lost in Space

Reverb as an instrument unto itself might seem far-fetched, but Blackhole fetches far further than your average reverb unit...The sound quality is simply outstanding, all the essential features are there, and it invites a degree of painless creativity that standard reverb units just can't match. 

Press Release: Eventide Teams with Tony Visconti to Create a Powerful New Plugin


Eventide Teams with Tony Visconti to Create a Powerful New Plugin

Tverb Takes an Iconic Effect to the Next Level

Tverb plugin screen shot heroes tony visconti

GearSlutz Checks out Blackhole - 4.5 Stars!

It breaks away from the plate-room-hall-chamber paradigm and brings a single algorithm geared towards making reverbs as big as the cosmos...Blackhole is simply a joy to use.

Press Release: Blackhole on sale for 75% off


Eventide Blackhole: Hollywood's Secret Weapon for Reverb

Plug-in on sale for 75% off until 3/31/2016


"Seductively versatile" dynamics control

[Omnipressor] is the most twisted, aggressive, nasty, and yes, seductively versatile dynamics control device I've used...The Bass Cut switch is way cool for kick drum fans, as it attenuates bass frequencies going to the compression control circuit.

GearSlutz gives 5 stars to Octavox

My favorite application for Octavox is on the lead vocal track, as it can quickly change a mono vocal into a massive stereo vocal...a lackluster mono vocal will begin to seep into the outer bounds of the stereo field, inducing a three dimensional-like quality.