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Mission Engineering SP-1LF with H9 Max


Hi everyone,

I see on the FAQ entry for expression pedals with the H9 that the Mission Engineering SP1-LF is listed as a pedal users have had success with, but I'm not finding any forum threads where anyone addresses their experience with this pedal specifically.

H9 aux switch settings won't save


I am using an H9 with a T1M 3 button aux switch.

I am assigning Tip to decrement preset, Ring to increment preset and Tip + Ring to Performance switch. 

Every time I power down and then power up, aux switch settings revert to Tip: tap tempo, Ring: increment preset, Tip + Ring: decrement preset.

I have tried making the changes in app, via Bluetooth and USB, and directly on hardware. I am using H9 power supply. Changes still revert every time.

Release Notes for v5.8.5[1]


5.8.5[1] Release Notes:

Added TriceraChorus [TRICER] algorithm to the H9. TriceraChorus is a three voice chorus and two voice detuner, all in one H9 Algorithm.

Updated H9 Max Factory Preset List to v4.  This preset list includes presets from the TriceraChorus algorithm. 

H9 Expression and Aux Problem


I've seen this posted about before, I can't figure this out. I have a Mission Engineering EP-25K which is specifically designed for the H9. Using TRS direct in works great. When I try to combine the expression pedal and aux switch I have into the exp input via a TRS to dual TS cable, the aux switch works fine, but the expression pedal behaves strangely (the whole sweep of the pedal goes from 0 at heel down to 100 in the middle, back to 0 at the toe). I have the tip side of the split running to the exp pedal, and I have it set to tip. The aux is on ring. The pedal is set to receive both.

Using both an Aux switch and an Expression pedal with H9

A 'Factor pedal has both an AUX and an EXP socket, so both an Expression pedal and 1-3 Aux Switches can be connected. In contrast, an H9 has a single EXP socket, but if the instructions below are followed, it is possible to connect both a single Aux Switch and an Expression pedal.

There are really too many possible combinations of pedals, switches and cables for us to deal with each one individually. So, we would suggest you follow the guidelines below and be aware that we cannot give advice on other configurations.