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The Sounds of GLOW

This week, we catch up with Craig Wedren, Bo Boddie, and Matt Wang. Craig and Bo are two of the composers in charge of the soundtrack for Netflix’s GLOW, and Matt is their all-around master assistant. We recently learned that H910 and Blackhole had a major role in the sound of the show, so we had to get the inside scoop.

Blackhole Stereo-in mono-out


I've been experimenting with the blackhole reverb and have not been able to get it into a mode I need it to work in. The manual says it can be used as mono-in mono-out, mono-in stereo-out, or stereo-in stereo-out but it doesn't mention how to switch between these modes (assuming they can be changed). I've been trying to pan things within my reverb but have not been able to because the output of the reverb seems to be a pseudo-stereo that keeps all of the elements centered no matter how they are panned.

Is there a way to get around this?

Eventide Suite of Reverbs in New Flagship Analog Poly Synth — Moog’s First in 30 Years

October 9, 2018 — Eventide announced today that is has provided a suite of premium reverbs for the highly anticipated Moog One analog poly synth from Moog Music, Inc. Long-rumored to be in development, but cloaked in secrecy until just this week, the new flagship instrument is Moog’s first analog poly synth in over 30 years, and has created considerable excitement in the industry. 

Blackhole and Ardour: no go.




I recently bought the Blackhole plugin, it performs magnificent in Apple Mainstage 3.

But when I wanted to use it in my favourite DAW, Ardour, it would not load.

I already informed the tech team of Ardour. The thing is, they need to get to the bottom why exactly this particular plugin will not load. It is not a license (iLok) issue, since other iLok licensed plugins just do load. There is something coded differently than how things are done in other plugins, they presume.

The necessary infos:

blackhole shows black screen after using cubase 7.5


hello, every time I finish using the blackhole, it whows a black screen in the place the clackhole was, and dont dissapear until im closing the cubase .


im using mac 10.11.14 and cubase 7.5.




Blackhole suddenly stopped working cause of iLok


I have been using the plugin for about a year now and just few days ago I see it wont open in my daw - Fl studio
The plugin was activated on this computer ( Internet was working before) now it's offline and won't connect to internet anyhow .
Every time I try to open Blackhole vst it asks me to connect with Internet , which is not possible
Please suggest a way around this, too many projects relying on this one vst now





Just bought the Blackhole 

i am using cuabse 8.5 and cubase 9 

In both cubase when i want to add the blackhole for some channel 

i open the list of the plugins press it to add to the chanel as i do with all the plugins but the plugins doesnt open the channel keep empty , thje blackhole dont open and i dont get any error message


Please Advice




Unable to Edit Blackhole during Playback


Hi everybody, 

i just purchased Blackhole and running it on a mac with ableton. Everything went fine with registration and insallation.

I can load it into a track,change Presets and mess with the knobs, but once i press play the whole interface freezes and i cant move any parametrs untill i stop playback and the sound vanishes completely. Than everything is tweeckable again. Fustrating.

Anythought what might be the problam? 

Iam on a Mac mini mid 2012 i7 Quad , 16 GB Ram, OS 10.11.6 

Ableton 9.7

Thanx in advance



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Is there any freeze function/button in any reverb H9 algorithm?




I'm new with H9, trying to figure this out: 

"Is there any freeze function (with a single click or holding a button) in any reverb/shimmer/blackhole algorithm?

I scrolled down the reverb/shimmer algorithm the bottom right button always shows as TAP instead of FREEZE.


Is there any possibilities that the TAP button will be function or even changed to become FREEZE button, as shown like one below? (this pic is not H9)