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initializing the Dante card without having to connect it to a LAN


I've set up my Dante card to route audio from 1 in to 1 out, 2 in to 2 out, 3 in to 3 out, etc., so that I can route audio from one FX chain to the next, and it works well except that it won't 'initialize' until after I plug the Dante card into my LAN via Ethernet. Every time I restart the H9KR I have to plug the Dante card into my LAN to get it going. It doesn't have to stay plugged in afterwards, and my computer doesn't have to be connected to it either. Any pointers on how to have the Dante card initialize when the H9KR boots up? 

H8000FW "Initializing" problem


Hello, my H8000FW Ultra-Harmonizer stopped working and when booting just stops at "Initializing" section. I´ve tried to reflash the firmware to new version (5.6) and loading the full factory settings, but it didn´t help. It started to freeze at booting sometimes, but then after switching power off/on, it started flawlessly. I´ve found exploded SMD capacitor inside and changed it, but it also didn´t help.

Photo of exploded capacitor in attachment. 

Any help, please ?