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Issue with ALL Eventide plugins in Studio One 4 Prof: Automations not working when rendering in real time.



I have come across a rather annoying issue with Eventide plugins upon rendering a song in real-time in Studio One 4 Professsional (I own Blackhole, H910 Harmonizer, SP2016 Reverb and Crushstation, tested on all 4).

Automations of any of the plugins parameters won't simply work. If rendering offline there's no issue though. During normal playback all automation work fine and tried on many other plugins from different manufacturers (Waves, Soundtoys, Voxengo, etc) with no issues.

Timefactor getting crazy


Hi! I've got a big problem.. My timefactor is getting crazy.. During bypass, after a while it turns on by itself (but without lighting the current bank program) and starts to continuously changing effect. All by itself.

What's goin' on here?

Thank you,


H9 Control bug when CLOCK OUT is ON in standard H9


Every time I try to load the presets from my H9 in the "Presets List" view I get a "Communication error!" message. See the attached image.


If I set the CLOCK OUT value to OFF within the H9 unit, then H9 Control loads perfectly fine.


Another strange behavior I notice when the CLOCK OUT value is set to ON is that it takes at least 10x more time to load the H9 Control (when the "Device connected!" popup message appears).


Another specifications:

Windows 7 64bit

H9 5.2.0[1]


H9 Control crashes with non-alpha numeric characters [Windows]


I just want to report a bug that makes the H9 Control crashes every time I tranfer a preset with a "*" (asterisk) character.

I haven't used more non-alpha numeric characters so I'm not sure if it's just an issue that happens when "*" is present in a preset name. And please note that this happened while using the Eventide Space; I haven't tried with the H9 or the Timefactors I have either.


H9 Control 2.1.1 (running under Windows 7)

Eventide Space 5.0.0 [5]