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How to Update Eventide Rackmount Audio Units

The following applies to Eclipse, BD600 and BD600E, Orville, DSP7000 family, H7600 and H8000 family.
Please note
  • Reverb 2016 is not currently upgradeable
  • DSP4000 family updates are no longer available.

Eventide rack-mount Audio Units can be upgraded in various ways:

  • By downloading the update from the Eventide Web Site and sending it to the unit by means of a serial cable.

MIDI Implementation for Eclipse


Does anyone know where documentation on the MIDI implementation for the Eclipse might be?

Please Note: I am not looking for information on how to send CCs to it and get it to respond. 

What I am lookng for is information on if it has sysex messages, what their format is, does it provide other ways to retieve its presets and write them back over MIDI, etc..?


Eclipse: External MIDI controllers are at 99.21% when CC value =64



I am trying to use external MIDI CCs to control parameters on my Eclipse. But the Eclipse only reacts to values 0 to 64, not 0 to 127. 64 results in a mod value of 99,21%. Sending a value over 64 doesn't change anything - also, the mod value never goes to a full 100% (so no luck in setting eg the range of a pitch shifter to  an octave). And of course, this also means that the (already coarse) CC range of 0-127 is even more coarse. Is there a setting somewhere that I missed to set this scaling? 

Thanks a lot for any pointers.

H9 vs Eclipse DSPxxxx ect


Hi All! 
Currently I am looking to buy a new H9 Max or a second hand Eclipse or DSP7000 etc.
But: does the H9 sound as good as eg the Eclipse? Or is the H9 a software simulator of the Eclipse?
I am asking thus because I never was impressed by FX soft plugins, even the expensive ones.

Thx for your replies !