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eclipse adat

Eclipse no audio signal over ADAT



I am trying to connect a Behringer UMC1820 interface to an Eclipse via ADAT, but I canot get any audio signal despite trying everything.

Cables are connected properly and seem to be working.

These are the set parameters:

Dig-In: ADAT

Clock: DigIn 44100Hz

SRC Mode: On

ADAT-In: Ch1-Adat1 , Ch2 Adat2

Status: OK ADAT

Dig Out:

Optical out: ADAT

Adat Out 1: Ch 1

Adat Out 2: Ch 2

I have tried every combination of these settings.

Eclipse ADAT FX Routing


Hello, I'm using My eventide Eclipse connceted via ADAT to UAD appolo. 

Can I somehow route FxA and FxB to different stereo ADAT outputs. So my DAW records each effect as separarte stereo track.