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Make ELEVATE GUI scaleable


Recently acquired the ELEVATE bundle and [yes I like it!] one of the problems I have is that the GUI takes up more than my entire laptop screen. That screen size is 1366 x 768.  It would be nice if there was a way to scale the GUI so I could at least get it on my LT screen. I do use a second 27" video monitor at 1920 x1080 but it still takes up a LOT of screen real-estate. Perhaps a smaller "Basic Mode" with just those controls showing or an adjustable GUI?

Meters of EQuivocate and Elevate don't work in Wavelab?


When EQuivocate or Elevate is loaded in Wavelab Elements 9.1, none of meters work, except bar meters. However everything works fine in Logic Pro X on the same system (macOS Sierra).